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I know I’m a bi disaster ’cause Inka Magnaye exists

Women like Inka Magnaye are the reasons why I’m a bisexual disaster.

During quarantine, Inka started to make waves with her voice-over talent across social media platforms, especially TikTok. She blew us away when she shared her V.O. for Philippine Airlines. And of course, she impressed a multitude of K-pop stans with her radio promos for their biases. 

My co-workers and I fell in love with her instantly. We not only admired her voice talent skills but her beauty as well. She’s every girl who made me blush during beach trips in Elyu or Puerto, the cool girl in gigs I’m too intimidated to talk to and every popular girl in school I silently wished to be sapphic like me. 

Inka Magnaye is not a “girl crush”—she’s a crush, period. 

When I see her on my timeline, I’m immediately transported to that pivotal scene in the cult classic “Jennifer’s Body.” I’m Needy admiring her from the bleachers and she’s Jennifer, waving and acknowledging my presence. I sit there knowing it is a one-way street and I’m okay with it. 

Inka Magnaye is not a “girl crush”—she’s a crush, period. 

With Inka, she’s not only the epitome of Filipino beauty. She’s way, way too talented and I’m always gagged. From voice acting and actual acting to even dancing, she hits her marks and slays us all. She is living proof that God plays favorites.

There’s also this unwavering confidence from her. I don’t know about y’all, but I love a woman who knows exactly who they are and what they want. She might battle with some insecurities of her own but god, she is really that strong, independent woman we wish we all could be. 

It’s 60 percent “why can’t I be you,” 40 percent “why can’t I be with you or someone like you.”

Another aspect that floors me is her stance on mental health and body politics. Since she blew up, she’s getting a lot of attention, warranted or not. She posts V.O. TikToks and celebrates her body when she feels like it. In the Philippines, this is something that’s frowned upon.

What I love about her is when she shuts them down and says, “My body, my fucking rules.”


Inka is beautiful in every aspect of the word. She has amazing features yet her personality somehow outshines it all. She’s an ate figure to many, a role model to some and in my case, she’s my thirst trap entry. It’s 60 percent “why can’t I be you,” 40 percent “why can’t I be with you or someone like you.”

Remember in 2018 when Swifties had this theory that “You Belong With Me” is a sapphic anthem? When I look at women like Inka, I completely understand where they’re coming from. I will never be on your level, but I’m more than happy to exist in the same world as you. 

Inka is every cool girl I had a crush on. And if she needs my consent, this is a reassurance that she can step on me any day.

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