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If you wanna know how a “WAP” smells, light this candle


Candles are a form of self-care for many people. Sometimes this method calls for unconventional scents for utmost healing, like a Dunkin’ Donuts coffee cup or a Quarter Pounder.

In case your candle game’s weak, a “WAP” candle exists, too―inspired by Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s chart-topping, record-breaking collab that had conservative folks shaking at its unapologetic explicitness. 

An Etsy shop called SouthernSociable is selling this “WAP”-inspired candle handmade from blended soy wax that’s guaranteed a burn time of at least 50 hours―so not exactly seven days a week. Not exactly extra large either as it weighs about nine ounces (or 255 grams, probably around your average sandwich spread jar).

The scent is actually customizable, letting customers pick from a list of eight scents ranging from sweets like birthday cake and hazelnut coffee (even if you don’t cook) and cozy vibes like campfire and vanilla (even if you don’t clean) to even seasonal fragrances like Christmas tree. Guess you can say there’s a “WAP” scent for any occasion.

The candle retails for $23 (or about P1,112), but sadly, it isn’t available for shipping in the Philippines right now. You can cop other interesting fragrances though, like these scented candles inspired by your favorite horror films (oh look, just in time for Halloween, I guess).


Photo from SouthernSociable on Etsy



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