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How to make your eyes look motivated (if you aren’t)

How to make your eyes look motivated (if you aren’t)

Ah, the mask—our first line of defense from the horrors of the virus. Also, the reason why we need to step up our eye game. 

As 2020 continually throws us curveballs (and every day feels like a Monday), exhaustion is a default setting. But it doesn’t mean we have to expose ourselves in the process. Let our eyes do the talking—and make sure it’s a hella good conversation. Feeling low? Here are tips to give eyes that “Look Alive, Sunshine” vibe.

Follow the 20-20-20 pact

Deadlines can be harsh antagonists. When that happens, taking breaks becomes an afterthought. So whenever self-control under pressure becomes a tough feat, follow the 20-20-20 rule:

  • Every 20 minutes, look away from the screen and fix your gaze on an object 20 feet away. (Tip: Set an alarm for this break.)
  • Blink 20 consecutive times. So long, eye dryness.
  • Every 20 minutes, get up off your seat and walk 20 steps. Your posture will also thank you for it. 

No glasses, no problem? Nah, you can keep ’em

Look, we know how disappointing it feels to see your two-hour preparation vanish into thin air. Don’t feel like prioritizing eye makeup because you wear glasses? No biggie, we can turn that around. 

If you have the chance, pick your frames wisely. Do your glasses and makeup vibe with each other? They should complement more than outshine each other for a full-fledged serve. Safe bets: eutrals, pastels, pinks and shimmer.

Own your eye shape like it’s your sun or moon sign

Just when you think you already know yourself to a T, “WTF is my eye shape?” might be your question right now. It’s okay, I’m also today years old when I found out mine—and it’s actually useful if you want to sport a killer eyeliner.

Some eye shapes include hooded (the crease on your eyelid is visible), monolid (your eyelid doesn’t have a crease), upturned (oval-shaped with an upward lift at the outer edges), downturned (downward lift at the upper edges) and round (if you’re looking straight ahead, the whites are visible around your iris). Now you know which eyeliner style works best for you.

Okay, where do we start?

In a sea of Choices™, Careline’s Eye Essentials collection offers a plate to feast on. Its dreamy palettes of neutrals, mattes and bright and bold shimmer scream peak “Euphoria” stan and fairycore realness. 

Want to give your eyes a solid? Its mascara and liners (from Wow Brow to Best Brow) can amp up the energy you thought was non-existent. As a finishing touch, pick up the color pencil and go all out with the Play to Slay full-face palette, because why not? On top of that, they’re pretty easy to use so don’t worry if you aren’t the biggest makeup expert out there.

You can score Careline’s Eye Essentials collection in the comfort of your home. Head to their Lazada shop here

You can score Careline’s Eye Essentials collection in the comfort of your home. Head to their Lazada shop here


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