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Jess Connelly’s new MV is a visual feast on ditching toxic love

Jess Connelly’s new MV is a visual feast on ditching toxic love

Jess Connelly has been the backdrop to the many phases of modern love, whether it’s the cool pining of “Lock” or the real deal of romance in “Hooked/Good Lover.” When it comes to tugging at your feelings, “Chatter” is no different from the rest of JCON’s oeuvre—but in this case, she takes on toxic relationships headfirst.

Released today, the visuals for Jess Connelly’s latest single set the stage for the liminal post-relationship space with prickly cacti, ruins of statues and dry ice that surround the scene. Jess sits alone in an almost idyllic setup as she sings, “Is it a crime? Is it a crime that I don’t love you / Tell me how was I supposed to break it to ya / Tell me the best way to break a heart.”

The track, produced by Larce Blake and DreEazy, puts forward the easy, R&B vocals almost trademarked to Jess Connelly. Apart from the ear candy, it’s a pretty blunt wake-up call to the toxicity around us—and how some connections are just worth ditching.

Watch “Chatter” below.

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Still from “Chatter” MV



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