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Next on Netflix: A rom-com on love languages


UPDATED: A Netflix representative reached out to us and clarified that the date of the film’s Netflix release is on Dec. 25. Apologies for the confusion.


How many local films do you see focusing on persons with disabilities? Not a lot, especially with rom-coms. Though admittedly, a lot of films in the last few years have kicked it up with the representation. Black Sheep Productions in particular has been giving us vulnerability and the unfiltered truth, even in rom-coms.

And another Black Sheep film is heading to Netflix. “Isa Pa, With Feelings,” starring Maine Mendoza and Carlo Aquino, will start streaming on Dec. 25. 

This rom-com-slash-tearjerker follows Mara, an aspiring architect who decides to learn sign language for her deaf niece. Cue the meet-cute and enter Gali, her sign language teacher, who also happens to be her neighbor. 

The movie is the first to include Filipino sign language (FSL) as a plot device in a rom-com. FSL is the national sign language of the Filipino Deaf, as declared in RA 11106 or The Filipino Sign Language Act. The film touches on the struggles of the deaf community, as portrayed through Gali who shows the challenges of communication in a relationship.

We always hear “actions speak louder than words,” but love has different forms and we all have different ways to express it. But love communicates so well that sometimes, as shown by this film, there’s no need for spoken words at all.

Catch “Isa Pa, With Feelings” on Netflix starting on Dec. 25.


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