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Victor Nikiforov invented ice skating in the ‘Yuri!! On Ice’ movie teaser


Wake up, “Yuri!! On Ice” stans, we’re finally getting crumbs: A teaser of the prequel movie “Ice Adolescence” just dropped, and it’s a minute of Victor Nikiforov basking in Olympic glory.

In the teaser, a young, long-haired Victor graces our screens, getting ready to execute his routine for a figure skating competition at the Olympics. There’s not much info about the plot so far, but from the hints dropped by the teaser, it’s possibly focused on Victor’s own athletic journey before he became a renowned figure skater and Yuri Katsuki’s coach.

The movie was announced in 2017, set to be a prequel to the anime series released in 2016. But while production is ongoing, there’s still no release date, as it has “not reached that stage yet,” according to the movie’s official website.

“Yuri!! On Ice” may as well be one of the most popular sports anime, right up there with “Haikyuu!!,” but it does have its flaws (i.e. the debate whether or not the series was queer-baiting). Its impact however put into perspective the format usually followed by sports anime. 

Are we watching for the characters’ growth as athletes and competitors, or are we here for the nature of their relationship? For whichever reason, there’s still value in watching a series that explores both the sport and the people participating in them. With the upcoming movie, we hope to get answers from questions left after the series’ finale. 


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Still from “Yuri!! On Ice: Ice Adolescence” PV



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