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My Beauty Guru Romance: MCR’s new merch is makeup

My Chemical Romance didn’t drop MCR 5. However, they do have a beauty collab now. 

The emo dads who made guyliner a thing finally have a limited edition makeup line. In partnership with beauty brand HipDot, MCR is dropping a “Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge”-inspired collection today, Dec. 10. It’s not the tour we expected this year, but we ain’t mad. Not one bit. 

Now, I know what every fan’s thinking: Can we pull off a “Three Cheers” Gerard Way or Frank Iero lewk with it? I quote an ancient phrase Gerard taught my pre-teen self, “This shit is easy peasy, pumpkin peasy, pumpkin pie, muthafucka!” Trust me when I say this collection is dedicated entirely to that agenda. 

The line has three products in store for us. There’s a double-sided retractable eyeshadow brush, a very on-brand double-edged liquid eyeliner and a nine-shade eye shadow palette with different “Three Cheers” iconographies embossed. Shades are named after the album’s lyrics including pitchfork red, flock of doves, shotgun sinners and starless eyes. 

It’s the perfect gift for emo kids who overcame their internalized misogyny and embraced femininity. Plus, it’s pretty moderately priced, ranging from $12 to $24 (the demographic is seen, felt and heard). 

So far, this drop is a fashion statement (not a death wish). Can’t wait for MCR to have more beauty collabs in the future. Perhaps, we can have a “The Black Parade” or “Danger Days” collection?

Peep at the collection below. Cop it here.

Double-sided retractable eyeshadow brush

Double-edged liquid eyeliner (shoutout to mid-00s guyliner era)

Nine-shade eye shadow palette

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