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We might just see ‘bi!spiderman’ go canon real soon

Whether you’re a casual fan or a hardcore Marvel stan, there’s one thing that’s guaranteed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: ambitious crossovers, main heroes getting k-worded and, of course, exploring characters’ sexualities.

This is something that the fandom has long been debating on, mostly criticizing Marvel for the lack of queer representation in its films.

Well, we do have an upcoming series on Loki to look forward to. The Disney+ miniseries will reportedly explore Loki’s bisexuality and gender fluidity, which is closer to Norse mythology itself as the trickster god would often disguise themself. 

Fingers crossed for this to turn out well. A lot of other characters are canonically queer in the comics: Deadpool, Valkyrie, Mystique and in one interpretation, Captain Marvel. Some are, at the very least, queer-coded, the most popular being Spider-Man.

Earlier this year, We Got This Covered reported that Sony wanted to portray Peter Parker as bisexual and possibly give him a male love interest. The “Bi-Derman” headcanon is pretty popular in the fandom, especially since this tweet about Peter’s cuffed jeans went viral a couple of years ago. Cuffed jeans, finger guns, generally shit at math and driving, tucked shirts and CEO of puns―yep, that’s “disaster bi Peter Parker” right there. 

Bi!Peter isn’t just because fans like to ship him with a lot of other male characters in the MCU (lookin’ at you, Spideypool stans). It’s more of the fact that Spider-Man embodies these traits that many queer fans can relate to. He’s a mess, and that’s his appeal.

Some hardcore fans may not want to see a bisexual Spidey (something like, “don’t make him gay when he’s not even gay in the comics” or “stop forcing diversity”), which is a li’l funny since Peter flirts with both women and men in the comics.

And in case it isn’t as obvious, bi people do exist IRL. Hey, if they can bring back all these characters in the Spider-verse, then maybe bi!Peter isn’t that far off.


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