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6 gadgets to give literally any type of techie



Technophiles are the 2020 reboot of “The Breakfast Club.” There’s you, a.k.a. your mom’s one-person IT department, just because you know how to refresh the Wi-Fi router. But then there’s the rest: a whole mixed bag of tropes that make up the ragtag bunch you call friends.

And let’s be real. Gifting them is a whole ’nother challenge. 

To ease some of your Christmas worries, we’ve rounded up picks from the Huawei tech catalog for gadgets to give those weirdly specific types of techies. Plus points: They come with free swag that you may or may not keep for yourself.

For techies seriously into working out, like a jock-nerd. (A jerd? A nock?)


Photo of Huawei GT2 Pro watch

Give them: A Huawei GT2 Pro

Price: P11,999

Free swag: Entertainment gift box worth P2,099

We present: the jock-nerd, the specimen who has successfully inserted themselves in the middle of the Venn diagram and lived to tell the tale. This person has signed up for no less than five triathlons and hikes for “funsies” but is probably one subject away from a tech degree—with A+ marks. With taste™ like that, the Huawei GT2 Pro watch might just coax out a legitimate “whoa” with its two-week battery life and 100+ workout modes straight from their wrist.

For techies “Most Likely to Succeed” and in need of the right ’fit (and tools)

Photo of Huawei Freebuds Pro

Give them: A pair of Huawei Freebuds Pro

Price: P7,999

Free swag: Entertainment gift box worth P2,099

In the straight-to-stream biopic of their life, this friend’s at the makeover montage looking the part of a tech conglomerate CEO. While they’ve got the power suit covered, add a sweet lil’ tool that’s both functional and screams “I’m really busy.” The Huawei Freebuds Pro has noise cancellation, a three-mic system, and is comfortable to boot, just to ease ’em into the many vid meetings they’ll soon sched.

For techies peer-pressured into working out (but like, in a good way) by the other techie Photo of Huawei WatchFit

Give them: A Huawei WatchFit

Price: P4,999

Free swag: Moon night light worth P999

If jock-nerd is Thing 1, then this next techie is the geekier Thing 2, who may have taken the brunt of jock-nerd’s gym rat motivational spiel. This year, they’ve been lagging in the workout department, and understandably so. Give them a Huawei WatchFit to help ’em get started with their inevitable New Year’s resolution, with the watch’s 10-day battery life and 96 workout modes.

For techies realizing deep-seated fantasies of forming an esports team

Photo of Huawei MateBook D14

Give them: A Huawei MateBook D14 or D15

Price: P39,990+ (MateBook D14) and P37,990 (MateBook D15)

Free swag: Entertainment gift box worth P2,099 (MateBook D14), Bluetooth speakers worth P1,499 (MateBook D15)

If this techie friend’s not watching the 1,337th Let’s Play vid of the week, they’re not-so-subtly recruiting you to a “totally awesome and worth it, I swear” esports team like some sort of gaming Nick Fury. Will you say yes? That, IDK. But for starters, you might want to give this friend a laptop out of Huawei’s MateBook series, with D15’s heavy-duty processor and D14’s high-powered graphics performance that’ll handle really intense online gaming. Plus, both have an easy share feature and multi-screen collaboration mode—a bonus point whether they’re playing, working or learning at home.

For techie fan artists trying to get over this year’s Inktober slump

Photo of MatePad T8

Give them: A Huawei MatePad T8

Price: P5,990

Free swag: Moon night light worth P999

Is your artist friend moping on Art Twitter ever since October ended? Are their tools conspiring against their ultimate dream—having their work retweeted by a K-pop idol? Bless them with a bit of joy with the MatePad T8, a lightweight tablet with a 6.3-inch display, a considerable screen-to-body ratio (80 percent, just so you know) and the pre-installed Petal Search and AppGallery for apps like Canva. That’s their next canvas calling, y’all.

For techies with a collection of cracks on their old phone

Photo of Huawei Nova 7SE phone

Give them: A Huawei Nova series phone

Price: P12,999 (Nova 7i) and P17,999+ (Nova 7SE and Nova 7)

Free swag: Moon night light worth P999 (Nova 7i), Christmas premium gift box worth P2,299 (Nova 7SE and Nova 7)

The only thing standing between this friend and unleashed potential is a phone that’s slow as heck, whose cracked screen is pretty much a call for help. Familiar? Then, slip that homie a phone out of Huawei’s Nova series. Whether they’re in it for the 7i’s ultra wide-angle camera, 7SE’s super charge technology or 7’s dual-view video mode, it’ll be an upgrade for sure.

Got that holiday gift list ready? Huawei’s packed with other stuff in store for their Together 2021 Christmas promo till Jan. 17, 2021, all attached with some free swag. Grab our list and more tech picks over at Huawei’s online store.

Header art by Yel Sayo

Product photos courtesy of Huawei



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