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4 facts about Heneral Tuna, your new cynical alien cat

4 facts about Heneral Tuna, your new cynical alien cat

Fair warning: Don’t let your cat know about this.

If cats had an “introduce yourself” portion just like every first day of school, their forever frenemies (a.k.a. dogs) might butt in and mention these keywords: slyness meets indifference, hella independent, unpredictable, with warmth and affection always in question. And (un)fortunately, some cat parents would agree to this, too.

But if we expect that set of traits from domesticated cats with a solid support system, what could we anticipate from an extraterrestrial one? Apparently, it’s world domination—according to this new series, at least. 

Brought to us by the National Commission of Culture and the Arts (NCCA) and produced by Rocketsheep Studio, “Heneral Tuna” lets us tag along with the eponymous blue alien cat Heneral Tuna (voiced by Manny Angeles) as well as eavesdrop on his peculiar plan on taking over the Earth. 

It’s part of his “observe the Earthlings” mission as Planet Mingming’s respected hero. In this attempt, however, a spaceship accident leads him to the Philippines.

Before his plan even progresses, a family from Barangay Hiraya takes care of him upon discovery, even naming him “Muning.” His thoughts? “Ang baho, pero dedma na.” (Horrible, but never mind.) It’s not the only thing he criticizes, though. With this seven-episode miniseries, we’ll be able to peep more into his headspace. 

Curious about our protagonist’s origin story? Here are four random facts about your newest not-so-friendly neighborhood cat. 

He’s a total mood

Heneral Tuna’s fast-paced inner monologues spell deadpan. On top of that—and not that we’re proud of it—we also somehow see ourselves in this cynical cat. Especially being a young adult during these strange times. 

While observing his new “pa-mil-ya,” he juggles with contradicting thoughts: “Kung bakit ang dami nila sa loob ng isang bahay, hindi ko alam. O baka naman pinaghahandaan nila ang paglusob namin! May nagsabi ba sa kanila? Kailangan kong hanapin ang mga armas nila! Pero… bakit nila ako inaalagan?” (I do not understand why so many of them live together. Maybe they are preparing for our invasion! How did they find out? I need to find their weapons! But… why are they taking care of me?)

Meanwhile, when he receives a dose of warmth and kindness, he continually doubts it: “Hindi ko kailangan ng pag-aalaga!” (I don’t need to be taken care of.)

He (and his world) were born out of your faves’ brain cells

Who’s the team behind this cute miniseries? You might have already chanced upon them (or their works) before. 

Thank Rocketsheep Studio for “Heneral Tuna’s” animation and visuals, the same team behind “Hayop Ka!” and “Saving Sally.” At the helm is director Avid Liongoren, who collaborated with creatives Rob Cham, Charlene Sawit-Esguerra, and Kevin Raymundo for concept development. Meanwhile, “Zsazsa Zaturnnah” writer Carlo Vergara worked on the script.

His existence is inspired by that YouTube video you probably sent to a friend

Here’s a piece of trivia from Liongoren: Heneral Tuna’s personality was actually inspired by a YouTube video of a grumpy cat talking about his day and narrating his personal misery with humans. We love internet-based DNA.

He’s set to learn some Filipino values (*insert thinking emoji*)

Is his angst ready for some lessons on love, family, and community? “Heneral Tuna” is actually commissioned by the NCCA for the Filipino Values Program, which “seeks to uphold, instill and promote Filipino values to a new generation of Filipinos,” writes the organization in a press release. Out of 20 core values, the alien cat will have a 101 on seven throughout his journey in Barangay Hiraya. Will he still push through with world domination after this? 

I guess watching this show with your cat won’t be too bad after all. 

You can watch “Heneral Tuna” on the FDCP Channel and Kumu. Peep the trailer here: 

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Still from “Heneral Tuna” 



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