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4 ways Nanno questioned society’s ideals in ‘Girl From Nowhere’


Warning: Spoilers ahead

The thing about “Girl from Nowhere” is the fact that you can watch the episodes in any order (except for the two-part ones, of course) because each episode is like a fresh start for Nanno―new school, new characters but the same old Nanno shattering their comfortable bubbles.

While we wait for some new season crumbs to drop, let’s take a moment to truly appreciate the depth of Nanno’s character and the series itself.

Nanno isn’t your typical main character

Throughout the series, Nanno gets a fresh start at each school, becoming both a popular person and an outcast that people become wary of. Unlike the protagonists of countless young adult media, she has no interest in coming-of-age fantasies like saving the day, finding a love interest or being the icon of the school’s misfits.

She moves on her own, indifferent to her admirers and envious peers. She does her own thing, exposing the lies in the process. We don’t even know what Nanno really is, TBH. None of the episodes hint that she has a family (hence, fans’ “daughter of the devil” theories), but they imply that she has abilities beyond human limitations (e.g. her teleportation and reviving schtick in “Apologies”).

Nanno’s always several steps ahead of everyone else

Nanno makes enemies wherever she goes, from spitting the truth in people’s faces to earning their ire and jealousy just by literally existing. 

Somehow, she knows when people want to take advantage of her, too. She knows too many secrets, almost like she could read anyone like a book and knows the one thing that makes them crack. And the other characters in the series don’t like that; they all want to keep up the lies, but she always has the upper hand. 

If someone as smart as Nanno existed IRL, I’d both love her and be terrified of her. 

Nanno exposes the underlying flaws of education systems

As most episodes take place in schools, Nanno’s presence crumbles the perfect facade that these schools have carefully built and maintained for years.

In “Trophy,” we witness how Mew goes on a charade pretending she has a knack for art just to fit in a school for geniuses. Nanno plays a part in this by hinting that Mew should do as they do on assignments: CTRL + C, CTRL + V. 

In “Thank You Teacher,” the strict Ms. Aum is told to change her teaching methods. And let’s not forget “The Ugly Truth,” where we first witness what Nanno is capable of―exposing a predator in school and turning the tables on him. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Nanno’s morals aren’t black or white

She’s no hero because she doesn’t wish to save the day or selflessly help someone. But she isn’t a total villain either, despite her questionable morals. Heck, she doesn’t even kill anyone (if anything, she’s the one being killed over and over). Nanno does offer help and advice sometimes, albeit phrased like she’s a tiny devil sitting on their shoulder and whispering tempting acts of mischief. 

It’s the other characters’ choices and actions that escalate the plot to extreme proportions, and Nanno simply delights in the chaotic sight. She’s nowhere near a great example of the kind of person one would aspire to be, but Nanno’s significance is in her ability to affect other people’s actions. She simply exists, questioning the kind of ideals we impose in society.


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