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I’m letting my eye makeup be strong for me this year

2021 has entered the chat—and it’s hella unreal.

Last year proved that anything can happen. 2020 was a mix of absurd, primo wack and a little apocalyptic. That’s why doing “new year, new me” in 2021 feels like a Sisyphean task—tedious and pointless. 

Obviously, we’re still harboring 2020 feelings. That’s why we bottled our cynicism for now and did something absurd: We filled our collective 2021 vision with some hope (literally).


And why the hell shouldn’t we hope for the best? Our dreams don’t even have to edge close to toxic positivity. We can hope to be okay, to have better leaders or to just make it through another year. In our current world where doomscrolling is inescapable, envisioning hope for the future might be the bravest thing we can do right now.

So in this fashion editorial, we attempt to translate our 2021 vision by literally stepping up our eye game with Careline’s Eye Essentials and crafting some kidcore lewks straight from our closets. 

Let your eyes do the talking. Elevate your vision with Careline’s Eye Essentials. Step up your makeup game and cop ’em at Shopee and Lazada.

Makeup looks done with Careline’s Eye Essentials

Makeup products used include Careline Play to Slay Palette, Careline Graph-ink Liner, Careline Perfect Brow Duo, Careline Strobe Stick, Careline Soft Suede Lipstick in Mood, Careline Better than Basic Blur Stick, Careline Oil Control Blush-On, Blythe Majestic Matte in Kelvin, Blythe Majestic Matte in Phoenix, Blythe Starlight Eyes in Lynx, Blythe Stardust Palette, Blythe Cloud Tint in Cosmic, Blythe Cloud Tint in Cloak, Blythe Stardust Palette in Holographic Shade and Blythe Perfect Brow Trio

Produced and concept by Rogin Losa

Creative direction by Nimu Muallam

Art direction and banner art by Yel Sayo 

Featuring Yana Kalaw (@yanakalaw), Ida Siasoco (@idasiasoco), Jana Silao (@janasilao) and Briar Rose (@dysfunctile)



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