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Give your room a threatening aura with these ‘Sweet Home’ monster candles

Give your room a threatening aura with these ‘Sweet Home’ monster candles

Are your shelves lacking its share of grotesque, nightmare-ish monsters? Do you practice self-care religiously? Are you into K-drama, like everyone else on the planet? Then you’re in luck—Netflix has just released “Sweet Home”-themed candles.

Fans of the webtoon-turned-Netflix series can now turn their nightmares into candle form with the apocalyptic show’s official candles. The carefully crafted candles promise to light up (or gloom down) any room, and serve as accurate representations of “Sweet Home’s” Steroid Monster (Beefcake/The Beef) and Blind Monster (Lotus Roof Monster). 


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These two creatures are just some of many others lurking inside the Green Roof Apartments of “Sweet Home,” a Korean series centered on a high school student in a world where people transform into savage monsters bent on wiping out the human race.

Netflix Korea is hosting a giveaway featuring the two products, with 10 lucky “Sweet Home” stans taking the creepy candles home along with a special box. There’s no word yet whether Netflix will release these candles for sale, but we need them, stat. What says “don’t touch my desk” more vividly than deformed monsters melting in agony, anyway?

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