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Zild’s ‘Bungantulog’ lets us accept the harsh side of dreams

Zild’s ‘Bungantulog’ lets us accept the harsh side of dreams

Less than a week after announcing the arrival of his sophomore album “Huminga,” Zild Benitez hands us a page of the scheduled trip’s itinerary in the newly released “Bungantulog.”

“Isa sa paborito ko sa album,” the “Kyusi” singer-songwriter revealed on Twitter yesterday, Mar. 18. The song wraps us in a slower, more organic sound, giving us a package of acoustic classic ’80s rock-meets-refreshing country grooves—a distinct departure from his debut album “Homework Machine.” Add up the song’s visual counterpart and you get one haunting narrative.  

(One of my favorite songs in the album.) 

Directed by Trina + Raymond under Two Fold Media, the “Bungantulog” music video features Zild’s bandmates Tim Marquez and Sam Marquez (from One Click Straight), Ana Declaro and Rico Blanco. Thanks to production designer Shanne Dandan, it shines in its somber approach of an idyllic scenery in Pangasinan. The overall rusty look—with horseback riding and reflective lakeside meeting—complements what the song tries to echo. 

Sometimes, dreams (bungantulog in English) may look like sugar, spice and everything nice. But facing it head-on means plunging into the ugly side of it, juggling with the failed expectations and changing of decisions. It’s still a shot worth trying though, especially when you don’t forget about yourself.

Watch the “Bungantulog” MV below: 

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Still from “Bungantulog” 



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