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6 things for your bedroom that scream “hot girl summer”

So, here’s the thing: Your hot girl summer daydreams won’t be a reality for the second year in a row. While it’s a huge bummer having the heat but none of the beach, there’s still a fix to your tropical fantasies: a hot girl summer-themed room makeover.

To prep for a summer to remember (well, at least indoors), here are a couple of decor for your home HQ that’ll make even Megan Thee Stallion proud.

A Bratz-ish lip phone

Landline phones might be a thing of the past, but if your folks are still holding onto that relic, you might as well change it up with a lip phone à la a Bratz doll. This touch-tone telephone will make even the most tedious of bureaucratic follow-up calls feel like you’re part of Cloe, Yasmin and company.

A shell lamp


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This portable shell lamp—available in iridescent pink and white—checks three things off our list: 1) It gives off “Birth of Venus” realness, 2) it’s an homage to your ongoing mermaid phase and 3) it works as a night light if the dark still gives you the spooks. (We’re not judging.)

A peach doormat


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Time to ditch those boring “welcome” mats. Whether you get this as a nudge to Bieber’s or Timmy C’s peaches, this doormat makes for a cheeky preview to the rest of your summer lair.

A tapestry that looks like a beach towel


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Reminisce about your forgotten outdoor summer days with a tapestry that looks straight out of the sand. By the time you get your sweet, sweet freedom, you can probably use this under the sun, too.

A faux neon light


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If you can’t shell out hard-earned cash for a legit neon light, a LED light will do the trick. With choices from bananas and popsicle sticks to sunglasses-wearing llamas, these brightly colored lights will illuminate your space like a ’60s ice cream parlor.

A flamingo mug (and more)


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Stuck in WFH mode? When you’re not sipping something fruity in a tiny glass somewhere, this flamingo mug—and other versions—can hold the ice-cold caffeine you need to power through the heat.

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