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4 dainty heart shaker shops for your Y2K collection


Keychains are the tangible proof that an out-of-town or overseas trip happened. Despite the keychain’s boring and run-of-the-mill rep, keychains have now evolved to their extra quirky and extra-personalized form: keyrings. In case you didn’t know, these little charms can scream “art hoe,” be Y2K-esque, and are peppered with magical dust, thanks to the heart shakers. These are dainty resin-made charms with a built-in playful shaker, which at times, can be a possible love language to your idols too.

Cute things aren’t just on Pinterest, but in the elements you pick for your shakers as well. From sparkly frames, beads, to even the image of your bias, you can get as creative as you want with heart shakers. For your reference, here’s a list of Instagram shops that may tickle your fancy and are open for customized orders. 



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Inspired by K-Culture, HEARTMADE is always up for custom heart shakers for their fellow K-fans—whether you’d like to carry your favorite lyrics or your bias wrecker’s photo wherever you go. “Only ‘til this pandemic did I get the chance to actually have the courage to buy materials and it initially was only supposed to be a hobby of mine,” Erica, HEARTMADE’s founder, said. She started making these charms in June 2020, when they thought there weren’t many artists that were creating the same stuff. From pastel looks to rose charms, the collection proves HEARTMADE is one of the cutest new gift shops around.



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For Elle Garcia, a.k.a Elartsy_’s mom, creating heart shakers isn’t just a hobby. For her, it gives room for creativity and embracing new perspectives, too. “The biggest motivation of why I started this, is for me to have an outlet where I let my mistakes [happen] and where I can embrace my imperfections,” she said.  Besides various shakers, Elle also creates floral bookmarks, pencil holders, and aesthetic night lamps fit for your online class needs.

Co-founded by Marnie and Gaby, started from a recommendation from Marnie’s friend.’s hearts shakers are reminiscent of the OG water-filled toy we all had during our childhood. 

Highlighting the artists’ love for nature, features nature-themed elements in their online catalogue, plus themes from songs, movies, and even video games, too. There’s also a particular roster for dessert stans out there—the Sweet Tooth Shaker collection. “I kind of take mental snapshots of things I see and visually enjoy so I can infuse it in my craft somehow. An example of this is my fascination with cakes and Korean cake design,” Marnie says. This lineup includes cake shakers with artificial whipped cream on top to resemble the dessert’s “personality.” 


Trish of Kuumoo used to make heart shakers only as presents for family and friends. But because of their encouragement, she decided to make it into a small business. “I continued to experiment with other resin keychains and charms like my name tag keychain, in order to add more options for my customers,” she explained. In the collection, mini cake-looking heart shakers are lined up for the customers who are big on aesthetics. You can also reach out to Kuumoo for customized name tag keychains.

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