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LF: A vintage tee feat. your bias? These 5 IG shops have ’em

In case you missed our take on it, the graphic tee continues its reign in our closets. If our dads stanned bands like AC/DC and had a laundry basket’s worth of shirts to prove it, we have our own fandoms to wear with pride, now in all their giant-faced, campy ’90s glory. 

And if your current bias ain’t exactly “vintage,” then here’s a fix: Bootleg shirts that take cues from their predecessors, serving up old school without necessarily being, well, “old school.” So for this handpicked list, we scoured our Instagram timelines for a couple of e-shops where you can kickstart your own hoarding. (Take that, dad.)

Cash Waves (@cash.waves)

LF- A vintage tee feat. your bias? These 5 IG shops have ’em 2

Photo courtesy of Cash Waves’ Instagram

As the brainchild of design duo AMG and AK, Cash Waves’ eclectic inventory has all your faves in one page, from Olivia Rodrigo down to your own majestic face. The usuals of this IG shop are enough of a stamp of approval, which include the likes of Andrea Brillantes and Janine Gutierrez. (Yeah, consider us sold.)

Rap Bootlegs PH (

Over at Rap Bootlegs, beef is pretty much non-existent. Whether you’re on Team Ye or Team Drake, the online store has tees for all sorts of hip-hop fans, with a hint of pop girl mainstays thrown into the mix. Exhibit A: Just peep Mimiyuuuh repping Blackpink here.

Hanadulsell (@hanadul.sell)


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Hanadulsell isn’t just a shop with an A+ punny name—it’s a full-time gold mine for K-pop stans. Using direct-to-garment printing, the IG store’s picks include a whole variety of Hallyu-related tees for a dressy errand run or a WFH ’fit, ranging from fourth gen’s TXT to K-hip hop queen Jessi.

Seoul Palette (

“Who’s your bias?” is a question of the past, kids. Seoul Palette’s stash of shirts lets you wear your fave front and center, with a selection catering to individual members. But if you’re an OTx kind of stan, don’t fret—with a quick scroll on their profile, you’ll probably spot that there’s a tee for you, too.

Source (@sourceofficialbrand


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Avril Lavigne? “Beavis and Butt-Head”? A$AP Rocky? Yup, check those off from your list. Source’s online catalog is a mix of old-school stan lists and today’s Top 40, with shirts dedicated to late greats Tupac and Biggie to current rap stars like Travis Scott—perf for folks who swing either way in the rap game.

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Art by Yel Sayo, Jungkook shirt from Hanadulsell, Blackpink shirt from Seoul Palette


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