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Interested in forensic science? Head to these conferences


Do crime shows make up a huge part of your head? Do you like playing detective at home? Have you ever typed “forensic science” on Google during a crucial career change epiphany? If you’ve said yes to one or all of the above, consider yourself booked for the next few months.

The University of the Philippines Manila’s (UPM) College of Arts and Sciences has shared a list on Facebook of online conferences mainly focused on forensic science, spread across the last quarter of 2021. Hosted by the International Association of Scientists and Researchers, this year’s international e-conference provides a series of talks from different experts of various scientific disciplines—and everyone is invited to join, including students.

From Sept. 29 to 30, you can sign up for a discussion on forensic and chemistry and toxicology, which play important roles in proving court cases using applied chemical concepts. There’s also a crime scene investigation session from Oct. 30 to 31, which will unpack the links between the perpetrator, victim, and the crime scene. 

Meanwhile, cyber security (covering reduction threat, vulnerability, and incident response, among others) is the topic for Nov. 27 and 28, an essential lesson as we’re all saturated online. Lastly, forensic physics is scheduled on Dec. 11 and 12, which will zero in on the importance of evidence. More information on each topic can be found on this website

Attendees are encouraged not only to listen, but also to participate. In fact, if a paper related to the topic is already in your arsenal, you can present it for the jury’s scrutiny, and have the chance to be published in the Academic Journal of Forensic Sciences. Now, isn’t that a cool sequel to your 478th rewatch of “Forensic Files”?

You can register for the programs here: 

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