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10 things My Chemical Romance made me feel with their comeback track

10 things My Chemical Romance made me feel with their comeback track

Heeding the calls of their emo children of 2006, My Chemical Romance has risen yet again.

Despite it being Friday the 13th—at least on this side of the globe—members of the Black Parade have been blessed with the new song “The Foundations of Decay,” the rock band’s first drop since 2014.

In the new track, the four-piece emo kings channel old-school MCR, as if possessed by platinum-haired military suit-garbed Gerard Way. The six-minute “The Foundations of Decay” begins with garbled static, a balladic piano and guitar combo, and then boom, there goes the scream we all know and love.

With imagery alluding to faith packaged as an epic in anthemic form, My Chemical Romance, yet again, proves why they’re the core of our emo origin stories. And just like every other kid with bangs that covered their eye at one point in time, we puked a torrential storm of feelings. Here’s a rundown of ’em.

  1. Like I want to check up on Cardi B’s well-being, stat
  2. Like I can take on a whole cavalry in the spirit of my foremothers, YA dystopian protagonists
  3. Grateful that my literature profs didn’t raise no untrained close-reader on religious symbolism, thank you very much
  4. Speaking of which—like I just went to emo church
  5. Confused, because I’m pretty sure I left my My Chemical Romance official eyeshadow palette somewhere
  6. Like I just felt the ground shake in the reawakening of scene kids
  7. Like I’m in dire need of a platonic glucose father because their tour’s about to start
  8. Like the human personification of these penguins
  9. Existential, because the emo renaissance is indicative of the nostalgic escapism we crave when, in Hayley Williams’ words, there’s “so much frustration in the air”
  10. Pretty hyped anyway, ’cause hey, it’s MCR and I’ll gladly take it

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