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Stray Kids’ Bang Chan was caught jamming to Filipino rapper Alex Bruce

Just like us mere mortals, our faves have their own faves. But it doesn’t make it less surprising when worlds collide, especially when crumbs of interactions pop up. A recent case in point? Stray Kids’ Bang Chan jamming to a track by young Filipino rapper Alex Bruce.

Thanks to a recommendation from Filipino Stay Aly Alindayu during a video call, the K-pop group’s leader was caught listening to the 15-year-old rapper’s track “Yakap” in a recent V Live stream of “Chan’s Room.”

“It was my first time listening to this song,” says Bang Chan in Korean, as translated by V Live. He listens to the track in the replay’s 47:14 mark.  “[…] But, the song is so great. This music is a genre that I like.”

“TEARING UP RN,” Alex tweeted in response to her “Chan’s Room” cameo. “I LOVE U AGAD.”

The song’s music video, which was released last year, featured Justin from P-pop group SB19 as Alex’s dreamy love interest. 

However, this isn’t the first time a foreign artist has gotten close to P-pop territory. Back in 2020, Paramore’s Hayley Williams also gave SB19’s Pablo the recognition he deserves. To that, we say, keep ’em coming.

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Screenshots from Bang Chan’s V Live and Alex Bruce’s “Yakap” MV


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