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The 5 Stories You Need To Read From This Week (9/3/16)

The 5 Stories You Need To Read From This Week (9/3/16)

What’s good? Didn’t catch all the good stuff that was on the site this week? Don’t worry, we’ve rounded all of what you really need to read up for you here.

  • Violent Dialogues” — A repost from our February 2016 issue revisits the dangerous apologism for Marcos and martial law that’s disturbingly prevalent today.
  • Young Like You” — In recognizing National Heroes Day this past week, we took a closer look at the young, unsung men and women who traded the comforts of an easy, painless life to fight for freedom and justice for all during the martial law era.
  • GMA Has Failed This City” — GMA’s upcoming Alyas Robin Hood looks a lot like the CW’s Arrow. That’s not cool.
  • Nick Joaquin Gets Published Under Penguin Classics” — Our local literary legend Nick Joaquin’s work is getting published by the famous Penguin books under their classics brand, and that’s just awesome. We also just want to clarify that we weren’t encouraging the notion that our writers needed Western recognition to be deemed successful; we were just pretty happy for the recognition. Because who wouldn’t be?
  • Dutertism: Understanding Duterte Through Vaporwave Art” — 同士 Frieda x Sampaguita explain to us their brand of art, and why it’s focused so much on the current president.

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