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10 thoughts on zooming through eras with SB19 in ‘WYAT’

10 thoughts on zooming through eras with SB19 in ‘WYAT’

This week may have been tough, but at least we’ve finally reached SB19 comeback Friday. After relishing every crumb on the internet, this time, it’s the global P-pop stars’ turn to look for us—well, at least that’s what their new song’s title asks.

The boys dropped their latest track “WYAT (Where You AT)” along with the accompanying music video (that is actually pretty massive) today, Sept. 2. Produced by SB19’s Pablo and his brother Josue, plus the group’s Justin at the creative director chair, the MV rolls out as an exhilarating fusion of decade-defining elements, zooming through various eras of the past and telling a story about reconnection after encountering challenges. 

Besides ushering a new chapter in their artistry, the disco-electronic-pop “WYAT” also reflects the Billboard nominated-band’s growth. In a press release, Josh reveals, “Our team often tries to do something different from what we’ve done before; we’re always evolving.”

After an adrenaline-intensifying ride, we have to leave a review. Here are some stream of consciousness thoughts about the trippy time travel I experienced with Ken, Josh, Stell, Justin, and Pablo that could explain why I’d do it again.

  • Justin is out here beating all the other mop dances ever performed in history
  • I may not know what those milkshakes actually taste like, but the posters of iconic ’70s to ’80s films like “Jaws” and “Ghostbusters” along with the “Disco(nnected)” wordplay on the wall make this an interesting retro diner experience
  • If someone ever randomly asks my degree of loneliness, I’ll just tell them to listen to their unanimous “So sad!” (and witness Pablo’s succinct nonverbal cues) at 1:51
  • I, a non-dancer, would like to sign up for Stell’s “WYAT” choreography class, if it exists
  • Pretty convinced that Ken is trying to cast a spell on us with that microphone exhibition
  • Their wardrobe in the roller disco sequence? Chef’s kiss 
  • Josh may be our main arcade companion, but with his fiery energy and angst, he’s morphed into a video game character in my POV as well 
  • Can I set their groovy vocals as my ringtone?
  • We love a music video that transported us from the ’60s to the ’90s
  • That “The world may change, but you remain in my heart and so my soul will rejoice forever” quote from the group? It’s my next private Twitter bio

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