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BINI’s ‘I Feel Good’ MV is filling our 90s and 00s childhood void

Nothing feels better than looking back at the sweet old days of our youth. And by this, we also mean reintroducing Y2K Filipino pop culture to the public consciousness.

You can count on the nation’s girl group BINI to make this happen. The group finally dropped their new retro-inspired music video for “I Feel Good” on Sept. 22. 

Here’s how BINI is bringing back Filipino pop aesthetics in their groovy MV: 

They rocked early 2000s-inspired ’fits

BINI slays ’90s and ’00s style staples, a.k.a. Filipino burloloy, in the MV with: vibrant cropped tops, beaded necklaces, their hair in braids and  colorful clips, and fancy dangling earrings. 

In short, it’s giving us high school Jolina Magdangal and Judy Ann Santos vibes.

They brought back the artista notebook era

Get to know the BINI members with celebrity notebook core designs. The girls pay tribute to the artista multiverse notebook covers, which were once plastered with the rom-com movie stars of the day like John Lloyd Cruz, Claudine Barretto, Bea Alonzo, and Sarah Geronimo.

They played our fave childhood games

Screaming Pinoy culture, your favorite slinky toy and piko, the Pinoy version of hopscotch, are also in the music video (but in a dreamy way, of course). You can’t help but look back to your PE class or hanging out with childhood friends in the streets.

They ate up the ’90s and ’00s Filipino pop culture concept

BINI has managed to unlock a core memory: our preteens. From the colorful ’fits to the maximalist aesthetic, their MV perfectly captured that time in our lives. It’s safe to say that BINI’s queendom is dominating the revival of the bubblegum pop era and amplifying our kikay selves.

“I Feel Good” is the debut track from their upcoming sophomore album. Catch the album showcase launch on Oct. 1. 

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