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Scout Weekend OST vol. 6: New music drops you need on your radar


Everyone’s metaphorical yearly love-hate phase is here: Scorpio season. While the zodiac sign is often characterized by intensity, power, and mystery, cracking the code to what they actually mean is always an ongoing process. In our case, we’ll try to unpack what the season holds for us through freshly released tracks. (Spoiler alert: They actually translate our deep-seated feelings.)

For the upcoming weekend, we’re walking on the territory of angst, growing pains, and liquid courage through intimate releases, thanks to artists coming from different sides of the world—from Asia to Europe.

“Fire Boy” by PP Krit

This new track by 23-year-old actor, model, and singer Krit Amnuaydechkorn is literal fire in all aspects. It’s groovy and euphoric with its electronic layers and exciting bass lines—plus it’s paired with a visually alluring music video you can easily get drawn to.

I mean, what would explain the growing number of TikToks of people remaking that smooth choreography? We have zero plans of extinguishing the flames PP Krit left in that end-of-MV montage, for sure.

“What You Do To Me” by Stef Aranas

With its infectious melodies and bold lyrics, Stef Aranas’ newest pop-R&B drop is not only that intimate track you can play on loop on a Friday night. “What You Do To Me” seems to double as a peek into the singer-songwriter’s diary, as it’s based on an actual “whirlwind one-night stand” she experienced. 

According to her, the song is also rooted in the “feeling like a goddess beneath the sheets.” Well, no wonder: I imagined a crown popping up on top of my head after my first listen. A confidence booster, I fear.

“Pretend” by Alfie Castley

Good day to the folks wrestling with growing pains… like us. Sometimes, the escapism we need is just staring at our chipped bedroom wall, and this track by United Kingdom-based alternative pop artist Alfie Castley could be the right sidekick. The track touches on that narrative after all: Thanking those who stick by your side (S/O to the vent buddies), despite the dumpster fire that comes with life. 

In case you didn’t know, Alfie is the singer-songwriter behind “Teenage Mona Lisa,” the track that reached TikTok viral status in 2021. In an interview with Scout this year, the 19-year-old disclosed what he felt seeing its rise to popularity: “The amount of covers I’ve seen have just been so overwhelming, so incredible to see. I love people using the sound to create their own things.”

Although he isn’t exactly a massive Renaissance art stan, the concept for “Teenage Mona Lisa” has some interesting origins. “I was in the shower and came up with that lyric [about a teenage Mona Lisa]. It wasn’t really as relatable to me as a personal experience, but I wanted to create some sort of metaphor for the feeling of loving somebody who doesn’t love you back.” Listening to his sophomore track “Pretend,” we’re curious to see what’s next (or if his dream collabs with Billie Eilish and Coldplay would come true).

“Pretty Liar” by heaven feat. Kumare Harvey

Make way for some sass and hard-hitting lines. This collaboration by electropop singer-songwriter heaven and rapper Kumare Harvey deserves a spot on anyone’s Feeling Like a Villain playlist, thanks to its murky atmosphere and trippy vibes. 

The song’s rap line, eargasmic chorus, and lowkey petty energy inspire us to trust our instincts more (and keep our tabs on the musicians’ next releases.)

“3AM” by The Ransom Collective

Suddenly, it’s 2016 and I’m happy again. The six-piece folk pop outfit has made their much-awaited comeback through “3AM,” which (you guessed it) touches on yearning to ask someone questions during the wee hours of the night.

But it isn’t just that. The new The Ransom Collective track—which melodically brings us to a sunny disposition despite its slightly dim lyrical backdrop—commits to breaking free and just going with the flow. “Truth be told, it’s all the same, and it’s getting old of who’s to blame,” vocalist Kian Ransom sings.

“Oh Lunes Na Naman” By Zild

Step aside, Friday-focused songs in pop culture history. We’re all about Mondays now. Sort of. Coming from Zild’s heavily post-punk and new wave third album “Medisina” is a raw and rebellious muscle that chronicles one of the most groundbreaking parts of daily life: getting up.

This includes that quick escalation to existential thoughts. The song’s thrill heightens when the musician complains about the never-ending routine we follow, and the disgust that comes with realizing we have no choice but to accept the current body we’re in. Thanks for the validation, Zild.

“Cuore” by Sarah Geronimo

After releasing her comeback track “Dati-Dati,” the popstar royalty has gifted us a danceable yet heartfelt record—it’s probably why the title is “Cuore” (“heart” in Italian) in the first place. Matching with its relaxing soundscape—and possibly Sarah Geronimo’s stage in life at the moment—she sings about wanting to step away from fame and indulge in the simplicity of being with someone she loves. 

Is this a karaoke classic in the making? Only time will tell.

“Die For You” by Joji

Love it or hate it, Joji is still championing his vulnerability. Fresh out of his third studio album “Smithereens” is a confessional on vaguely-ended relationships, causing leftover feelings. Packed with his signature goosebumps-inducing vocals and hypnotic soundscape, “Die For You” has made me imagine a huge blanket of melancholia wrapping all over me. Bracing myself for the lyric, “I heard that you’re happy without me and I hope it’s true,” dominating our TLs.

And oh, after that “Glimpse of Us” music video, the direction Joji is going for in his visuals surely piques my interest. Nothing like a half-disruptive-half-meditative POV treatment with spontaneous footage. 

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Photos (L to R) from the Instagram accounts of Zild (@zildbenitez, album cover photography by Shaira Luna), Stef Aranas (@stefaranasph, photography by Maki Makilan), and PP Krit (@pp.krit)



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