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This ‘dream perfect’ collaboration will have you saying ‘coming to you live’


What if we tell you that there’s a chance for you to see DPR IAN, DPR Live, and DPR Cream live at their DPR: The Regime World Tour Concert at the Filinvest Test, Alabang on Nov. 30? 

So, here’s the 411 on DPR: Short for “Dream Perfect Regime,” they are—as they say—a “fully independent entertainment label reduced down to just a bunch of friends” and also a Korean multi-genre music and video group known for making their own mark in the Korean music scene. Their members are all gods in their own audio-visual fields, with the foundation of the collective being DPR Live (Hong Da-Bin), DPR Ian (Christian Yu), DPR Cream (Kim Kyung-Mo), and DPR Rem (Scott Kim).

“Coming to you live” so soon and special thanks to Karpos Multimedia, it’s now possible for you to see these highly creative young Korean music artists make their Manila performance debut and see why they’re worth all the hype!

Did that catch your attention? Well, Martini Blue babies, read on.

GOMO just celebrated their second anniversary last October and thought, “Hey, what if we hold a big ‘Mo Creds Raffle for our birthday?” because: 1) GOMO’s birthday celebrations are far from over and 2) they definitely weren’t just stopping their birthday celebrations just like that. Being the fun and passionate lifestyle trendsetters that they are, they decided to bring in all the fun for their subscribers and users to enjoy. 

GOMO is the Philippines’ first digital telco launched in October 2020, growing to a user base of over two million in the two years they’ve been in service. Surprised to see them reach so vast a clientele in just a short span of time? Well, it’s all thanks to their fun and creative way of making the most of your mobile data.

GOMO offers more than just high-speed data for calls and texts; lifestyle vouchers are always up for grabs for their users, which allow them the freedom and flexibility to create more meaningful experiences with just their mobile data.

As it is their anniversary month, GOMO is bent on bringing excitement and thrill to everyone by making this month the best that they can with all the fun IRL surprises they have in store exclusively for GOMO users. The digital telco is going beyond its lifestyle vouchers and refreshing offers that are sure to make the most out of your mobile data this time around because with the ‘Mo Creds Raffle, users from all around the Philippines will be eligible to convert their data with raffle tickets for a chance to win a VIP package to see the DPR gang live in Manila.

What’s even cooler is that there aren’t any limits to the number of raffle tickets you can claim. Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to Mo Creds on your GOMO app

2. Choose the Raffle tab and swap those GBs for any call & text and lifestyle vouchers with raffle tickets

3. Confirm your conversion

That sounds like the perfect deal, right?

Now, go secure those tickets so you can have your own dreamy experience with DPR Ian, DPR Live, and DPR Cream as they perform their dreamiest songs—a dream night indeed.



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