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Frank Ocean’s photo book—printed on tissue—is giving dreamy feelings

It seems like Frank Ocean is stepping up his game again.

From releasing studio albums (that became people’s personalities) to launching a luxury brand, Frank now introduces us to another corner of his creative headspace, “retrospective of artwork,” now exhibited in photo book form.

Named “Mutations,” the photo book features Frank’s own photography; his “retrospective of artwork” from Oct. 19 to Dec. 22 in 2022. Here’s another interesting fact: The 48-page offset booklet is also said to be “printed on tissue-weight paper.”

Printed in the United States, “Mutations” is published by his independent luxury brand Homer, which also houses his jewelry and other accessories. 

Now that it’s out, we can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be photographed through the lens of Frank.

If you’re down to feed that curiosity, you can purchase the photo book from Homer’s website and have it delivered to your doorstep. “Mutations” is priced at P4,425, with a shipping fee of P1,972. Just allow up to two weeks to process your order, the website notes.

Back in April, many fans were left disappointed after announcing that his highly anticipated Coachella return wouldn’t be live streamed on YouTube, unlike the other artists. He then also canceled his performance for the second weekend, citing that he suffered from leg injury. Here’s to hoping this photo book more than makes up for the Coachella cancellation.

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Stills from Homer’s website and Instagram page


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