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QUIZ: Which Filipino movie character is your seatmate this semester?

A new school year is upon us. After surviving a series of challenging subjects, the reset we’ve been looking for is here: A new opportunity for growth, and a chance to bounce back from our previous shortcomings.

Grasping this reality, especially if you’re a freshman, will make you ponder on some questions: How am I going to adjust? Will I do well in this class? Will I be able to make friends this time?

At some point, this new chapter can be light and easy with the help of the person next to you in class—whether it’s the one you picked or you’re just abiding by your professor’s preferred seating arrangement. Sometimes, this starts a lifetime support system that would help you get through sleepless nights and growing pains.

But for now, your seat’s fate is on us. Who do you think will be your next seatmate this semester? Take this quiz and find out.

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Still from “Bar Boys”


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