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The art of the Scout x UP Campus Tour

The art of the Scout x UP Campus Tour

This year’s Scout Campus tour saw a bigger focus on what millennials can do. That means more opportunities for them to bring out and hone talents they’ve got, and one important skill this generation’s got going for them is their creativity and the ability to make some awesome art.

For starters, UP College of Fine Arts artist Laura Abejo dropped by the Scout Campus Tour to lead an art therapy session. She began it by asking participants to draw whatever they wanted on a piece of paper, and explained afterward that the activity was for them to express themselves and make themselves feel better by making art. For anyone who needs to let any feelings out, art therapy is a great way to vent and hone creativity at the same time.

UP Fine Arts artist Laura Abejo facilitating the artistic expression of feelings.

In keeping with the theme of art and mental well-being, Scout also teamed up with UP students not only from the College of Fine Arts, but also from across the university in general. Students Gabby Prado, Tammy de Roca, and Faye Pamintuan did a live mural painting at the Campus Tour, creating a vivid and colorful work of art that touched on mental health and how we need to be more aware and sensitive of these personal issues many of us have.

The final result of the live painting, all about mental health awareness.

Other amazing artworks by UP students were also featured in the very first Students’ Gallery—which you can see above, including the beautiful stuff we were not able to print for the event—showcasing just how creative this generation can be.

The Scout x UP Campus Tour was made possible with the partnership of the UP Writers Club, Pioneer Mighty Bond, and media partners DZUP, Maroon FM, Inquirer SUPER, and Bandwagon PH.


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