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Tito Sotto mocks single moms, stays being a disgrace

Tito Sotto mocks single moms, stays being a disgrace

If the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is cliched, it must be because people like Sen. Tito Sotto refuse to learn from their mistakes at all.

In today’s Commission on Appointments hearing to confirm cabinet secretaries’ assignments (right after President Duterte’s election), Sotto inexplicably went into a line of questioning about DSWD Secretary Judy Taguiwalo’s single parenthood.

Here’s a transcript:

Just look at that perfect clapback. No more drama than what’s exactly needed for the exchange.

First of all, this heathen’s brain is clearly stuck in the 1800s, because just about everyone from all ages and backgrounds respect single moms enough to not act like they’re victims of scandals. I’m sure we don’t have to explain to any of you why being a single mom, or parent in general, is worthy of respect, regardless of how the parenthood came about.

Even if he wasn’t trying to really insult her, and was “just joking” about the whole thing, it’s pretty damn insensitive.

This doesn’t even have anything to do with the issue of Taguiwalo’s confirmation at hand, or her capacity to do her job as DSWD secretary. Second of all, he’s one to talk, considering his own history with ano that people aren’t about to let slide. And shame on everyone in the room who laughed with him; y’all are just as worse.

That, and it’s sickening that he represents a misogynistic culture where the mother—the half who gets impregnated and has to give birth to the child—ends up being the butt of the joke, while the father is tolerated at best, and glorified at worst. (And even gets to run away sometimes.) It’s already bad enough that the TRO on birth control is making it harder for women.

What’s his problem, anyway? It seemed like he was about to score some brownie points for helping author and pass the Mental Health Bill that just got approved in the Senate yesterday, then he goes and pulls this careless stunt. Guess some people never change at all. It’s like Tito Sotto wakes up every now and then, thinking of ways to people piss off when nobody’s talking about him.

We can’t get over that this guy won in last year’s elections just for his strong conservative base. And while it’s too early to damage whatever chances he may have for his future in public office, we just hope that this one sticks. Forever. Is there an option for exile?


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