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It’s Lofi Girl—and Synthwave Boy’s—world, we’re just living in it


Once upon a time, everyone’s go-to productivity lair “Lofi Hiphop Radio – Beats to Relax/Study To” left us with an almost-void some time in the past, like in July 2022 and Feb. 2020. Yes, it’s a small corner of the vast interwebs, but how it’s being reimagined through icon generators and related playlists, plus its consistent viewership, would tell you how iconic it is. That’s why the momentary internet panic was valid when the animated stream’s Lofi Girl went missing again this week. Little did we know she was just pulling an exciting comeback—with a new friend, to boot.

On Apr. 11, a new character was welcomed in what seems to be a brewing cinematic universe. Now gracing Lofi Girl’s YouTube channel is what people are now calling “Synthwave Boy.” This new addition is also perpetually fixated on something like our main girl, but sets a different genre of—but equally cathartic—music from our speakers.

“Today marks a very exciting day for the channel, as we release a brand new 24/7 livestream on YouTube!” Lofi Girl on Twitter writes, familiarizing her listeners with “Synthwave Radio.” If Lofi Girl is your go-to friend for relaxing and studying, it turns out that you can barge into Synthwave Boy’s space for chilling and gaming. “Get ready to fully immerse yourselves in the new realm of retro-futuristic sounds and join us as we embark on a journey through time and space, exploring the wonders of Synthwave and [unraveling] the mysteries of the Lofi universe!”

Apart from their similar peaceful vibe, putting them side-to-side can show how they’re total counterparts of each other. While both of them are using headphones, focused, and with heads tilted downward, Lofi Girl is writing on a notebook and has an open laptop on standby, while Lofi Boy is busy with a mechanical keyboard and desktop screen. They both have pets tagging along their session: the former has a cat overlooking the window, and the latter a sleeping dog. Other items in their interiors are also the “same but different,” such as their light sources and postings on the wall. 

Eagle-eyed followers have also claimed that the tiny blue window from Lofi Girl’s POV is a view of Synthwave Boy’s room. No wonder, it was already teased last Apr. 8. 

Originally birthed on French YouTube channel “ChilledCow” by Dimitri, “Lofi Hip Hop Radio” has been one of the well-loved virtual spots for folks wanting to unwind, have a virtual companion, or feel productive in the noisy, always-fleeting internet realm that kills our attention span. Normally, pitchforks are prepared when OGs like this undergo some type of change. But with Synthwave Boy’s arrival, we won’t mind another continuation in this narrative—or even another new character soon.


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