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5 reasons why you can’t miss this weekend’s Scout Music Fest

5 reasons why you can’t miss this weekend’s Scout Music Fest

Less than one week left to the biggest party of the month! We don’t know why ya’ll need more convincing to go to the Scout Music Fest this Saturday, but in case you do (and if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet), here’s a handy list of why you can’t miss it. Good music, company, and the ’80s? Where can we go wrong?

1. You get to time travel back to the ‘80s.


Feel like you were born in the wrong era? We’re bringing you back to the ‘80s for one night only. Expect palm trees (in millennial pink for that slightly modern twist!), glitchy visuals (IG-worthy, of course), virtual sunsets ala ‘80s California, and all your friends in that decade’s outfits. (Don’t know what to wear? Check this out.)

2. This bomb lineup right here:

Jess Connelly, BP Valenzuela, Autotelic, Jensen and the Flips, and more under one roof? The FOMO is real here, guys. You don’t want to miss out on these acts on the same stage.

3. It’ll be your last summer getaway before school starts.


Maybe school’s already started for you, or it’s just about to begin next week, but before all those exams and homework begin to pile up, we’re here to give you the best damn time ever. Forget your worries for that night and get lost in the music. You’ll be coming out of your summer with a bang.

4. We got freebies, giveaways, and stuff you might want to purchase.

We partnered up with cool brands who’ll be giving out some of their merch at the event itself. Those who’ve bought tickets over the past week can also claim their limited edition Scout Music Fest t-shirts when they attend. Scout will be selling some surprise goodies there too–and we made sure they’re all cute, don’t worry.

5. Party with Scout and Scout friends!


Aside from everyone being invited, we also asked all our featured personalities and cover folks to come through. Who knows whom you’re going to bump into on Saturday? Your favorite celebrity? Model? Artist? Find out when you come over. We swear you won’t regret it.


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