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5 lavender-based products for every sleep-deprived millennial

5 lavender-based products for every sleep-deprived millennial

If there’s anyone guilty of staying up way too late and not getting the prescribed eight hours of sleep, it’s us kids. Whether it’s because of work, school, anxiety, Netflix shows, or nothing at all (yeah, we all have those days where we just can’t get some shut eye), this bad habit has got to go. Don’t need no science and stats to prove it–people who have healthy sleeping habits aren’t just healthier, but also generally happier.

Sleeping pills aren’t for everyone, so why not just try out some new stuff that can both help you crash and plump up your skin? The lavender plant has been known to reduce stress, relax, calm, and improve sleep by just smelling it. If there’s an ingredient an insomniac might want to look for in the things that they buy, it’s this. So go ahead and grab some warm milk and turn on some soothing, ambient sounds. Here’s a list of products that may help the sleep-deprived finally get their eight hours of rest.

Lush Sleepy

No beauty nerd hasn’t heard of this Lush cult favorite. Lush’s Sleepy lotion is so widely coveted that it’s usually out of stock in the shops they have in Manila, and people have resorted to bulk buying pots of this abroad. A number of blogs and Reddit posts have claimed that it can knock anyone out within the course of 15 minutes. Other than that, practically all the products from this brand smells (and works) amazing. I’ve yet to try it myself but being a Lush fan, I’m already a believer.

This Works Can’t Sleep Kit

This kit from This Works includes two things–a pillow spray and a small roll-on–both travel-sized and perfect to pop into your bag. These lavender scented products are pretty no-nonsense. Just pop a sniff and spray onto your sheets for a good night’s sleep. Think about the old days when your mom would make you smell Vicks vapor rub to breathe and rest easier. And true to the brand name, hope that this works.

Laneige Lavender Sleeping Mask

Laneige’s water sleeping mask has been a favorite of Korean skincare gurus all over the globe thanks to it guaranteeing your face to be soft, supple, and cleansed when you wake up. Recently, Laneige released a limited lavender edition that promises a more soothing and calming effect on the skin. The lavender scent is also perfect for sleeping since you’re supposed to put on the mask when you go to bed. Best try it out now since we’re not sure how long Laneige will have it up for grabs.

Lavender Scented Candle from Happy Island

Don’t like putting stuff on your skin and prefer just smelling lavender instead? No worries. Local brand Happy Island has got a wide array of scented candles you can choose from, but what’s best for relaxing is most definitely their lavender pot (which also happens to be one of their best-sellers). Other than being 100% Filipino, Happy Island’s candles are all organic and soy-based.

Sephora Lavender Foot Mask

Never underestimate the power of a good foot exfoliation. Picture being exhausted after a long, hard day of school or work and coming home to having your tired feet cooled down by this amazing foot mask from Sephora, which works like socks, but better. Aside from lavender, this mask has menthol extracts that’ll make you feel refreshed and moisturized while you sleep with them on. It’s one step to feeling like you want to stay in bed for a good 10 hours straight.

By Denise Fernandez
Art by Isabel Drilon


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