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10 clothing brands in and out of Manila we like

10 clothing brands in and out of Manila we like

Clothing is more than what you literally on your back. It’s a reflection and expression of lifestyle, status, identity, and whatnot.

Unconsciously or consciously the thought we put into what we wear informs who we are as people and the communities we are part of. Though everyone stans Stussy and Vetements, one doesn’t simply get everyone’s respects by copping these clothing brands. Wearing streetwear isn’t always a price game. It’s also baring the flag of the local hustlers.

Here in the Philippines, we’re slowly making our way into the world’s radar. Don’t Blame The Kids recently made waves with their collaboration with New York-based footwear Pony. With bold ideologies stitched tightly on great designs, it’s no wonder why clothing brands here get a loyal following. Unsure of the who’s who of local streetwear? From Metro Manila to Cebu, here are some local clothing brands we’re keeping an eye out for.

1. KLTRD (Makati)


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This streetwear brand based in Makati is a salute to the daily go-getters of the urban jungle. Keeping their color scheme simple with primaries, the message of KLTRD speaks volumes through prints. Their pieces talk about looking out for your turf and powering through the daily hustle. Watch out for their collaborations with other local brands.

2. Aogiri (Manila)

Aogiri is a brand that’s bringing streetwear into the future. Their sleek design mixed with functionality takes Filipino streetwear to another level. Capturing the center point of technology and humanity, Aogiri thought the unthinkable of bringing edge to wearable tech. Techwear in the tropics? Sign us the fuck up.

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3. Deadways (Cebu)

Hailing from the Queen City, Deadways pieces are clean and echo the beauty of modern tattoo culture. They center on death for their iconographies, which breathes life into their clothing. Ranging from lighters to pullovers, Deadways innovates without compromising their bold attitude.

4. Bad Milk (Metro Manila)

Streetwear is often unisex or just for men. The style movement often has women as second to none in their priority list. Bad Milk is a local clothing brand that says “screw that s—t.” Bad Milk has the female concept in mind 24/7. Their style ranges from loud prints to crude pastel drawings. Uniting femininity with urban aesthetics, the brand proves that street cred doesn’t care about gender roles.

5. Revere (Davao)

This Davao-based streetwear brand unites punk and urban sensibilities with their pieces. Known for their provocative pieces, every collection they release is a wearable statement. Their color scheme and prints are as loud as they are eye-catching. Whether it’s about sexual exploration or a commentary on our country’s war on drugs, Revere is not afraid to speak up. All their pieces start a conversation that needs to be had.

6. Nobody Clothing (Cubao)


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The brand made by a bunch of nobodies, Nobody is the result of making the idea the heart and not the people behind it. From shirts to handmade coats, the streetwear brand makes art wearable but never makes anything empty. Tackling one’s roots, chasing victories, and staying true to your art—these are what Nobody stands for. It’s also what makes them unique from the rest.

7. Modern Dark (Bulacan)

This Bulacan-based streetwear brand makes it a point that the word “edge” belongs in urban culture too. Modern Dark’s releases could easily be mistaken for band merch. Its metal and skater sensibilities are brought out through its monochromatic prints. Ranging from shirts to hoodies, this streetwear brand takes no survivors in its path, only badassery throughout.

8. Black Anthem (Malolos)

Dark and beautifully cynical, Black Anthem’s pieces are tropical depression made wearable. This brand based in Malolos churn outs skater pieces and an attractive no f—ks attitude we can’t help but love.

9. Local Native (South)

This streetwear brand from the south has the motherland’s beauty in mind. Local Native caters to surfer and skater culture. It also captures the thrill of living in a beautiful tropical land. They say their location is in a secret spot in the Philippines. What’s not so secret about them is how their pieces make us long for the palm trees.

10. Trapped Out (Bulacan)

This streetwear brand from Bulacan brings gothic to the streets. Braggadocious but aware, their pieces tackles the life of an artist here in the metro. Their dark imagery and bold statements make this brand unapologetic about anything.


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