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CREATE Philippines urges creatives to dream big

CREATE Philippines urges creatives to dream big

On their second year, CREATE Philippines continues to provide an avenue for different businesses and creators to network and learn from one another.

CREATE Philippines marked an exciting time for innovation and imagination. Together with Communication Design Association of the Philippines (CDAP), they packed an entire weekend last September 22-23, 2018 with masterclasses.

These classes provided guidance in navigating the world of communication design. Two different workshop tracks (business and design) were also available for those interested in more specific skills and tools.

The event was filled with eager participants and inspiring mentors who traded information about media interventions and design principles. It proves to show that creatives are now spearheading a new renaissance.

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Just 5 days after the event wrap-up, one of the masterclass speakers from the event, Chris Do posted a message through his Facebook account. It reflects the intense amount of belief and responsibility required from someone if he/she chooses to materialize the dream:

“So I want to dare everyone reading this post, regardless of where you are from, whether you are young, old, experienced, just starting out, gay, straight, bi, trans, graduate student or never went to school—dream a big impossible dream.

Dream so big it makes your heart burst with joy. Describe that dream in vivid detail. Tell everyone you know and some that you don’t about this dream. Have them hold you accountable. Then, work like hell. Eliminate all the distractions in your life. Sacrifice today for what you want tomorrow.”

Chris’ message certainly is an encouraging supplement to all the skills he shared in his masterclass- from handling lowballing clients to closing deals and getting clear results with clear goals. To reiterate one of his most important messages:

“Don’t wish for your problems to be easy. Wish for more skills, instead.”

If you missed out on this year’s event, drop by CREATE Philippines’ accounts on Facebook and Twitter to keep tabs on their future editions.



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