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Job opening alert! Want to join the Scout family?

Job opening alert! Want to join the Scout family?

If you opened this article, we’d wager that you’re a) a twentysomething, b) hella creative, and c) ready to go full adult by getting a job. Just in time, friend. We’re looking for new people to join our team.

Scout is looking for fresh talents who have a nose for topics concerning youth and pop culture—that includes everything from social issues to music to art to fashion and much more. (This one’s optional, but we’re also lowkey looking for someone we can split our lunch order with.)

Is the description calling your name? You might just be the new content creator we’re looking for. Content creators pitch and write editorial and advertorial stories for print and web, attend events for coverage, interview relevant personalities, lead photo and video shoots, and hunt down underemphasized narratives that need to be heard today.

As the only free publication made for the youth and by the youth, we need people who can figure out the zeitgeist of the times. Hope you’re up for the challenge.

Our inbox is open for full-time position applicants. But don’t worry—this won’t be your average desk job. The Scout team is constantly on the move through ideating, writing, and producing.

If you’re up for the task, you’re welcome to apply by sending your CV and portfolio to [email protected]. For more guidelines on how to apply, check out our career openings page for more deets. Good luck!



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