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The Team’s Favorites From Last Week (8/8/16)

The Team’s Favorites From Last Week (8/8/16)

In an effort to establish ourselves as tastemaskers, us, the Scout team, listed down our favorites from the past week starting last week. Kidding about the first part, but we did make a list of music, gadgets, events, and other stuff that we found interesting or cool. We may share the same interests, and you may get to know some cool new stuff from this list. That’s cool, right? Think of it as a way of establishing some sort of cyber-friendship. Here are our favorites for this first week of August, 2016:

PEPI, Features Editor

– Team Valor: Pokemon Go is finally out, yo. You’re either in the Valor Club or you’re a loser, and we’ll fight. (In the game.)
The annouced Drizzy/Yeezy album: I have no idea what it’s going to sound like; for all I know it’ll be the dastardly love child of 808s & Heartbreak and Views (but hopefully more like MBDTF and Nothing Was The Same) but I am highly interested in this project. Let’s see how much Kanye can contrast his existential braggadocio with Drake’s heavy-is-the-head crooning.

GRACE, Art Director

Fila Black 2016 Fall/Winter Collection – I’m a sucker for anything 90’s and hip-hop and this collection totally gets it.

The Suicide Squad OST – I’m still undecided about what I feel about the movie, but the OST is definitely one of the best I’ve heard. Can’t stop listening to it. Really.

Gucci’s #GucciGram project featuring #24HourAce – A new spin to the Italian brand’s Ace sneakers. This video is just hands up a e s t h e t i c .

DENISE, Editorial Assistant

Stranger Things – I’ve given in and started watching last weekend. I think the best part of it, aside from the intriguing story, is the authenticity of its 80s setting. The clothes, the music, even the hair–I love everything.

stranger things

(m)edian by Ta-ku & Wafia – They just released this last Friday! Been waiting for it to come out since “Meet in the Middle.” And it didn’t disappoint.

meet in the middle

MAC Velvet Teddy – I get that this shade has been overhyped for a long time (hello, Kylie Jenner) but the hype is real! I used to dislike the color before but the more I used it, the more I fell in love with it. This is the perfect nude lip for any skin type and great for everyday wear.

velvet teddy

LEX, Editorial Assistant

Harmonquest – It’s a show where Dan Harmon and friends play D&D in front of a live studio audience, and a whole segment gets animated to make an episode. There are special guests every episode, including Aubrey Plaza and some of the guys from Silicon Valley. It’s good comedy.

Noname – Telefone – I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, and man does Noname deliver.  Top 5 releases of this year so far.


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