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Play DJ with your crew thanks to Spotify’s new feature

Play DJ with your crew thanks to Spotify’s new feature

Are we saying goodbye to the tradition of passing the aux cord? Are we leaving everyone the responsibility (and pressure) to craft a good playlist? Well, maybe we’d like a word with Spotify.

Spotify has recently rolled a beta version of a new feature called Group Sessions, which gives Premium users the power to share one listening session. As told by The Verge, “a host can share a scannable Spotify code from their app with whomever they want to share playback control.”

This bestows the sharers freedom to play, pause, skip and add tracks to the same playlist. So, any changes will be reflected in all devices that joined the session. Is this chaos or coordination? It depends on your people.

According to Complex, Group Sessions’ release could be perfectly timed with quarantine season, as people are “stuck listening to music together during quarantine.” So if you’re sharing the living room speaker with your sibling who vibes with rock and roll but you’re in the mood for pop, that’ll be quite a trip. It looks like the Collaborative Playlist feature has gotten an upgrade. Will our listening activity do, too?

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