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Buckle up, Paradise Rising’s fresh EP has all-new artists

Buckle up, Paradise Rising’s fresh EP has all-new artists

Fun fact: It’s been a full year since 88rising’s Filipino label Paradise Rising launched into the world and into our playlists. Time is a weird concept, but today, they’re giving us this: an all-new EP with a fresh batch of artists.

Dropped today, the 88rising sister label’s sophomore EP is a five-track record dubbed “Semilucent 2.” The package of new tracks is a shift from the debut’s dreamy and ethereal tone, as its songs take on a darker wistful atmosphere, saying its farewells to summer and seeing memories in a fast-forward blur. 

“Semilucent 2” boasts an all-new lineup both homegrown and diasporic, along with some featured acts. This includes the likes of R&B duo Manila Grey, instrumentalist Steven Peregrina, R&B artist Daze, Careless’ Curtismith with New York’s CA Christian Alexander, and Fil-Am producer Manila Killa with Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna. Before you hit play, peep what the artists have to say here.

“Island Baby (Maarte)” by Manila Grey

“We show love to all the beautiful women in our lives, women who represent the vibrancy and class of our culture, both in our home city [and] Vancouver. ‘Maarte’ is slang for high maintenance in Filipino, but it actually means artsy. We just wanted to flip that narrative into something fun, while showcasing the art and the grace. All the strong women in our lives have high standards, sometimes you need that energy you know? Like go ahead, it’s all good, feel yourself.”

“All Night” by Steven Peregrina

“[It’s] all about good vibes, good times, and partying. I consider this song to be my [takeoff] and y’all should be ready for me.”

“Situation” by Daze

“[‘Situation’] is about a relationship between two people who are in between love and friendship, or a ‘situationship.’ Neither really wants to admit how much they like each other, but the tension and passion keep building until they both can’t deny it any longer. It’s a soulful song with layers and layers of melodies that express desire, connection, and taking a leap of faith.”

“Black Hearts” by Curtismith and CA Christian Alexander

“[It’s] a trap R&B song about how cold relationships can be. Welcome to the dark side of Paradise.” — CA Christian Alexander

“Reminisce” by Manila Killa and Yuna

“I started the instrumental track during quarantine when I felt no pressure to create a specific type of music. It was during a time where I felt artistically free—there were no shows coming up and everything was at a standstill so I took the opportunity to try some things out I haven’t before. When I found out Yuna was interested in the track I was so excited to work with her as I’ve been a longtime fan. She totally understood the mood I was going for with the track and turned it from this fun disco demo into something raw, emotional, and reminiscent of better times.” — Manila Killa

“Listening to ‘Reminisce’ just inspired me to write something emotional, about romanticizing the past or a memory that lives in your head forever.” — Yuna

Listen to “Semilucent 2” on Spotify below.

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Photos courtesy of Paradise Rising


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