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The ‘Harry Roque spacing out to different sad songs’ edits are all of us

Do you know that long, glazed-over daze you fall into when life just gets too damn much? It usually happens when you’re alone on a bus ride home or in your own space. But we all know those deep thoughts can hit whenever, wherever—even during a televised interview with one of the country’s most seasoned journalists. Ask Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

On June 23, broadcaster Pinky Webb interviewed Roque live on television for CNN Philippines’ “The Source.” As the segment started, Roque appeared to be in a trance as Webb tried to call his attention thrice. Roque remained silent and immobile for a good 20 seconds. TL;DR: Roque’s wide-eyed stare into the distance on live TV was a mood.

Of course, the internet wasted no time in making creative edits of the hilarious and frankly relatable moment, adding a bed of melancholy soundtrack to Roque’s moment, from Lorde’s “Liability” to Juan Thugs ‘N Harmony’s “Momay.”

The reshared raw footage on Twitter has reached over 16,000 retweets as of writing. The moral of this viral video? We all have our lutang moments. Oh, and keep your Zoom video’s volume up to hear Pinky Webb when she’s calling you.

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