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7 weird beauty collabs that make our manic pixie dream girl hearts sing

I’m a simple woman; I like weird, unusual novelty items and makeup. That’s why I find myself gravitating towards unusual beauty collabs. I fell in love with the Sephora x Stabilo collab like everyone else. Plus, I’m still mad at myself for not copping that Crayola beauty collection. It would’ve been a perfect addition to my eclectic makeup collection. 

And just like any beauty weirdo out there, I want more weird makeup products. Too bad some of them are already defunct since they’re limited-edition releases. 

We actually missed quite a lot of bizarre beauty releases. So for your convenience, here’s a quick refresher on the weird beauty drops we want to get our hands on, from food x beauty crossovers like TonyMoly and Samyang (yes, the fire noodle challenge Samyang) to stationery realness like Sephora x Moschino School Supply.

Crayola x ASOS 

In 2018, Crayola created a beauty line with ASOS to amplify its nostalgia factor. This makeup line is filled with color-changing lipsticks, eye palettes, highlighters, bold mascaras and an artsy brush kit to boot. In its kitschy yet classic Crayola packaging, this line made plenty of beauty gurus who are also kids at heart pretty amped up.

TonyMoly x Samyang 

Samyang’s fire noodle challenge kept our lips red hot. Now, we don’t even need to slurp on noodles to fire up our lips and flush our cheeks.

In this limited-edition beauty drop, Samyang and South Korean cosmetics brand TonyMoly created a cushion-compact foundation with a refill packaged like a sauce packet, a noodle blusher in shades of Bad Red and Carbolighter as well as handylip balms and tints.

Sephora x Moschino School Supply

If Sephora x Stabilo’s collab isn’t enough, the beauty brand’s partnership with Moschino will fuel anyone’s back-to-school glam fantasy. This one-year-old collab is inspired by our obsession with school supplies and our old habits of using them as makeshift makeup. It’s a pretty cute collection—just don’t mix it up with your younger siblings’ actual school supplies.

It contains liquid highlighters packaged into highlighter markers, makeup removers shaped like erasers, pencil makeup brushes, nail polish as a liquid eraser and a Macbook-style eyeshadow palette with 30 shades. 

Shiseido x Sailor Moon

Glisten like you’re fighting evil under the moonlight with Shiseido’s Sailor Moon collection. Although the drop is pretty simple, Shiseido’s Sailor Moon collection caters to keeping skin supple (as if we’re under the moonlight) with its foundations and coverage. The collection consists of Dramatic Skin Sensor Base UV and the Dramatic Powdery UV for lighter coverage. 

Salt-N-Pepa x Milani 

’90s hip-hop heads, this makeup collection is for you. Iconic hip-hop duo Salt-N-Pepa teamed up with Milani cosmetics and dropped this collab just last February. It’s filled with references to their tracks like the “Shoop” and “Push It” lip kits. They also have eyeshadow and highlighter palettes to keep the face beat for the gods. 

Jelly Belly x Sally Hansen 

This collab can give us a sugar rush any day. In this confectionery’s release with vegan nail polish brand Sally Hansen, they brought Jelly Belly’s kaleidoscopic colors into nail polish form. It features fun and colorful shades from the classic jelly beans we consume; from solid colors like Belly Blue to quirkier shades like Tutti Frutti. 

Wu-Tang Clan x Milk 

Wu-Tang Clan rule number one: no one enters the 36 chambers without looking bomb AF. In the iconic hip-hop group’s collab with the cosmetic brand Milk, they make sure their fans stay ready with this rather unexpected makeup collection. Each lippie is from the I Ching Trigrams, sporting names like “Fire,” “Chi” and “Sacred.” Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA says they aim to equip modern warriors with wisdom, beauty and strength with these long-wear lip colors.

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