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We live in a society where KFC hot wing-flavored lipstick exists

We live in a society where KFC hot wing-flavored lipstick exists

Makeup-wise, we’ve seen it all. There are highlighter eyeliners, a Kanye beauty line and seven of these beauty collabs that either make us say “here’s my bank account” or “who let you exist?”

KFC isn’t a stranger to weird team-ups, either. After a dating simulator and chicken-scented Crocs, Colonel Sanders has another one in store: hot wing-flavored lipstick.

The fast food chain’s latest offering is the KFC Crave in Bucket Red No. 11, a limited-edition lipstick in one bright red shade. It’s mixed with a blend of hot wings and chili oils made from the real thing—so vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians might want to steer clear from this one.

Their new lippie is also created with “WingProof technology” for on-point lips while on a chicken binge. “Not only does it taste lip-smackingly good, but it’s been formulated with a new eight-hour conditioning and smudge-proof technology that means it can survive a KFC wing-sesh,” KFC says. “The budge-proof finish gives you the freedom to wear your lipstick and enjoy your wings.”

Good news: The lipstick is completely free. Bad news: It’s only available for people in the UK and Ireland. For these lucky folks, there are only 400 pieces of the lipstick available. To get a chance to win one of ‘em, they must be a member of the Colonel’s Club by Aug. 11.

In the meantime, let me light my McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts candles while I wait for the eBay listing.

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