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This TikTok bbgurl weaves our ’90s fever dream

This TikTok bbgurl weaves our ’90s fever dream

Sometimes, we don’t want to book a rocket to the moon or interpret our zodiac sign’s fortune for today. Sometimes, we just want to chance upon someone who lives vicariously through us. Maybe she’s role-playing (or not really) as a Marvin Agustin fangirl in a sacred bedroom bursting with ’90s fandom energy. Or a lonely teenager crying to Moonstar88’s discography like us (in secret). Or better yet, a bright-eyed popstar copping Britney Spears’ outfits, because why not? 

Maria Charmaine Glorioso (@mralgya)—a TikTok bbgurl—is all of the above. In a dramatic database of dance challenges and unwanted pranks, this video creator takes us back to a world of F.L.A.M.E.S., bandanas and some good summer afternoon music. Before you know it, you’re in a ’90s Filipino fever dream. 

Characterized by nostalgic melodies, fuzzy and visually appealing editing and a quirky wardrobe, Charmaine’s creations are easy favorites. If you doubt our taste, then that’s on you—even Marvin Agustin himself raved about the video she dedicated to him. (That Marvin poster getting fed? Iconic.)

Like how internet culture goes, this video creator has received hate from viewers too, based on this video. So if you dig the content, you might want to leave Charmaine a message. In the words of the great philosopher (and actress-singer) Jolina Magdangal, “Kung feel na feel mo nang sabihin, sana ay sabihin mo na ito.” 

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