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This app just ended our LDR with food

This app just ended our LDR with food


Mentally, we’re Squidward’s “I Really Wish I Weren’t Here Right Now” button—well, for more than 200 days now. Ever since Miss ’Rona happened, our life went on an unwanted reset.

Serious matters aside, the pandemic also changed our relationship with our serotonin supply. Exhibit A: cravings. But given the restrictions (and the golden rule to never go outside unless really, really necessary), how can we not start an LDR with our distant cravings? 

Before we tweet about that milk tea fantasy that may never come true, meet our new quarantine friend: GrabFood’s Long-Distance feature. The delivery service decided to take one for the team and expand its range up to 10km (the widest food delivery range yet) to bring us our favorites.

In line with the launch of GrabFood Long Distance, their team pulled off some sneaky surprises for different people who miss their ride-or-die food. Here are a couple of anecdotes from the chosen ones, Filipino Tweets That Matter (FTTM)’s page that make us want to experience the same: 

Chicken wings saga

grabfood 1

Frontliners deserve all the good things right now, especially salted chicken wings. Despite her tight sched and never-ending errands, frontliner Innah still managed to score her ride-or-die dish without skipping her tasks.

Let them eat pizza

grabfood 2

Not even cravings can make Marijo break the stay-at-home-as-much-as-possible rule—she’s been indoors for seven months now. After all, her favorite pizza store has no nearby branch, so why risk it? But thanks to GrabFood’s surprise delivery, she was finally reunited with her long-time fave. 

The taste of afterwork hang

grabfood 3

Like us, Riane has been away from her friends. But apart from her gang’s company, she also misses their afterwork Frankie’s sessions. Even if she doesn’t live close to a buffalo wings chain, GrabFood managed to drop some boxes on her doorstep recently. 

No need for random fantasizing in the form of frustrated 3 a.m. tweets—if your cravings call, you can now answer them anytime. Get it through GrabFood’s Long Distance feature!

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