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7 horror webtoons for you and your sleep paralysis demon

TW: The recommendations on this list include graphic images and horror themes. Not for the faint of heart. 

Remember when science said horror fans are coping well in this pandemic? We see y’all hyped for a spookfest this month. If you’re building up your obligatory Halloween binge list, you might want to consider adding horror webtoons to your reading queue.

Don’t be fooled by the “toons” in the name, ’cause they’re not all just feel-good reads. These mobile-friendly comics, referred to as manhwa in Korean, are usually produced by independent creators and span a wide variety of genres like your regular comics and manga. Yes, even horror.

If you’ve never read manhwa before, you really should. A lot of these amp up the reading experience with an immersive vibe, integrating animations, sound effects, and even some… functions on your phone. Keep scrolling, if you dare.


This is a must-read for every horror fan interested in the webtoon experience. This anthology contains mostly interactive comics “loaded with special effects for maximum scare,” so plug in your earphones and turn up the volume while you read (if you dare).

Recommended chapters: 


Like “Shriek,” “Chiller” is a compilation of interactive horror titles by various artists. True to its name, these are twisted stories guaranteed to send chills up and down your spine, creeping their way into your nightmares. 

Recommended chapters: 

Unknown Caller

This three-part series takes the creep factor up a few notches by maximizing your phone’s capabilities: Some parts will spook you a little with subtle animations. Others, well… let’s just say will take the “unknown caller” in the name very seriously.

Tales of the Unusual

Oh Seongdae’s series on the unexplainable and mysterious takes us down an unlikely road of drama, thrill, and even comedy. Careful with what (or whom) you interact with because the karmic forces in this series will make you think twice.


Including children in these comics should be illegal, but here we are. This webtoon follows Jin, the unwilling accomplice of his father, whom to many is the model parent but is deep down a serial killer hunting down innocent people. What is a child roped into twisted schemes supposed to do? 


This one stands out initially for its aesthetics, as most manhwa are drawn in a somewhat anime style. On the surface, it’s a story about a deranged man’s obsession with a dead lover, but each episode unfolds more of the web-like story, connecting accounts of seemingly isolated murders together.  

Sweet Home

Think Alive but edgier and creepier. At the height of a monster apocalypse, the protagonist Hyun constantly lives with the guilt that his parents’ death was his fault. He teams up with a bunch of other unwilling heroes, battling monsters that spawn in their world while struggling to fight the mutation that infected him. Some of the monsters in this comic range from interesting caricatures to just plain gruesome, enough to even spook your sleep paralysis demon.

Photos from “Chiller,” “Shriek” and “Sweet Home”


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