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How Do You Live Your Life Passionately?

How Do You Live Your Life Passionately?

Sometimes when we hear the word “lifestyle,” we think about the little things: the food we’re having for lunch, the clothes we’re going to wear on a night out, the next weekend getaway, and so on. We sweat the small stuff, down to little bite-sized choices, small enough that we forget what it builds up to in the bigger picture.

But sometimes, and more importantly, we think about our lifestyle as the road we take with our passions. As millennials, our passions are to what we’re attuned to: good food, exciting places to travel, the finer things in life, and ourselves. We’re keen on what’s new and we know that the world is our oyster; we know what we want, and as young as we are we want it now.

But the question lies on a compromise: with so many pursuits out there, which roads are worth taking? What will make us feel alive without compromising who we are? What will make us feel like we’re ready to live life to the fullest?

We may not find our answers right away, but we can find out when we’re on the right path. Last August 12, FWD Life Philippines launched Orange World, a lifestyle rewards app that aims to be your go-to source on four points that Filipino millennials are interested in: travel, fitness, food, and the arts.

During the Orange World launch, attendees were given a “passport” that recommends them to travel various spots in the event-turned metropolis, complete with walkways made into streets with booths on each street that correspond to the merchant partners of FWD Life Philippines.

“With just a click, users will not only find fresh content on what’s new on travel, food, fitness, and the arts, they will also get to live those passions for free,” FWD Head of Marketing Rochelle Vandenberghe related. Just by simply interacting with the app, for example, liking, sharing, and reading articles from FWD, users can earn “passion points” they can redeem for exciting freebies and perks from a carefully selected curation of merchant partners, including Frank & Dean, Honey Creme, Velvet Friends Cat Cafe, Bengal Brew, Bikers’ Cafe, FitBurger, Ball Pit Manila, Snacks and Ladders, Ganso Shabuway, Ikigai, Kakigori Cafe, Wabi Sabi, Cafe Aquatica, BamBike, Makati Junction, e-Philippines, Primal Ape, Flying Trapeze, Power Up, Trampoline Park, Beyond Yoga, Uke Box Cafe, Miracle Art, and Mystery Manila.

Athlete-turned-blogger Johan Aguilar relaxing in the ball pit from Ball Pit Manila

The booths during the event reflected the app through interaction. Attendees met feline friends in Velvet Friends Cat Cafe, dove in the mini ball pit in Ball Pit Manila, learned how to play the uke in Uke Box Cafe, to name a few experiences. The culminating event led us on a mystery to be solved that led attendees to solve puzzles using their wits and the Orange World app, courtesy of Mystery Manila. Attendees are left with a brand new app they can use for trend updates and for rewarding themselves for choosing their passions.

Through the Orange World app, FWD Life aims to engage millennials in understanding their lifestyles, and to consider about having insurance as early as today. “We’re here to change what people think about insurance,” says FWD Life Philippines Brand Manager Diet Lagura. “First and foremost, we believe that as a young person, as a millennial, you should start securing your future. However, it should not prevent you from enjoying your passions. So we at FWD as a life continuity brand, we are here to let you enjoy your life and leave the worries to us.” The partnered brand merchants are up-and-coming establishments that were specially curated by FWD Life Philippines to cater to millennials. “The common language for millennials is something new, something fresh, something not tried. At the same time, Bambike, for example, [has] a social responsibility side. With that, Mr. Lagura urges to think of our lifestyles beyond the small choices we make without compromising what we really enjoy. ” If we have a change of mindset, we can enjoy life.”

From Hong Kong to Macau, Thailand to Indonesia, FWD is breathing new life into the insurance industry especially in the Philippines where they continue to expand their product offerings ranging from premium life insurance to wealth and financial planning services. FWD is focused on creating fresh customer experiences with easy-to-understand products, supported by leading digital technologies. Through this customer-led approach, FWD will achieve its vision to become the leading pan-Asian insurer that changes the way people feel about insurance.

For more information please visit their website here and download the Orange World app for Android here and for iOS here


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