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Get a fresh whiff of Amoy Ano’s hyper specific scents


You can’t think of (traditional) self-care without an image of tiny candle tins popping in your head. NGL, I love me some candles, but it’s getting harder to find unique scents now. Unless you count these “WAP” or Dunkin’ coffee candles, those are pretty dope.

But get this: There are locally made candles out there smelling like your nonexistent jowa and nailing your inner tita scent vibes. They’re made by Amoy Ano, a candle shop started by graphic designer Jon. 


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Amoy Ano was initially a hobby for Jon, whose job at an e-commerce company limited his design executions to a specific kind of branding. Like many creatives, he wanted to get out of that box.

“I thought, why not create a brand [that] I have total control of? Something else that isn’t too mainstream. Or a bit mainstream… but reimagine it the way I see it,” he said.

Soaps were his first choice, but all those rewatches of “Fight Club” made him reconsider if dealing with the burning effects of lye was worth it. Candle-making was a close second, and the science behind it was fascinating to him―thus, the birth of the hyper specific scents of Amoy Ano.

Amoy Ano currently has two scents available: Amoy Jowa and Amoy Tita. For the baby candle enthusiasts out there, he recommends Amoy Jowa: A fresh citrusy candle made from bergamot oranges, the result of Jon channeling energy from his jowa-less frustrations to creativity instead. “If I can’t find him, then maybe I could play god and create one?”

The scent? “Amoy kakatapos lang magbasketball,” (smells like someone who just played basketball) according to Jon. “Amoy baby’s breath,” according to Jon’s mom. And “amoy bhabybhoi,” according to people who caught a whiff of it.


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If we’re playing favorites, he’d pick Amoy Tita, though: On paper, it’s peppermint and pine till you catch hints of “Mt. Ulap, efficascent oil and Katinko rolled into one.” A true tita essential (and an allergy-friendly scent, too).

A candle in a tin can is worth P249 while one in an amber glass costs P399. And before you get comfy with your new candles, remember to handle them carefully and never leave them unattended. Your self-care candles need care, too.


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Jon says there are more scents lined up and four more might be released next year. They’re all still nameless, but he hinted that the third scent dropping is a combination of three scents. 

He does know how “Amoy Scout” would smell like, though: A mix of coffee with subtle floral hints, a.k.a the scent of sleep deprivation and our cottagecore dreams.

“Our generation is fueled by coffee and is favored by all walks of life. Something homegrown but energetic… could be strong, bitter, or sweet,” he said.

Check out these hyper specific scented candles at Amoy Ano on Instagram.

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