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The ‘Parasite’ producer is making a K-pop road trip movie

The ‘Parasite’ producer is making a K-pop road trip movie

Gather up your AO3 fics, kids—your K-pop road trip AUs won’t be stuck on it any longer. A road trip movie about a K-pop group is now in the works over at Hollywood.

According to reports by Variety, “Parasite’s” executive producer Miky Lee and “Interstellar” producer Lynda Obst have teamed up to create “K-pop: Lost in America.” A feature-length film, this will follow a fictional K-pop boy group mistakenly landing in Texas two days before their global debut in New York. Like any good old-fashioned road trip movie, they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere with little time and even less money. (Cue shenanigans à la 2005 Ice Cube masterpiece “Are We There Yet?”—but like, with a boy group.)

Alongside Hollywood execs, famed South Korean entertainment company CJ ENM will be co-helming the project. Blockbuster filmmaker JK Youn (“Haeundae,” “Ode to My Father”) is set to direct.

“We plan to cast K-pop stars in addition to icons in the pop industry to appeal to a global audience,” he said. The pre-production stage will officially kick into gear this month once casting wraps up in Seoul.

Co-producer Obst—who has also produced rom-coms like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” “One Fine Day,” and “Sleepless in Seattle”—says that “Lost in America” was a passion project for her as a K-pop fan.

“K-pop: Lost in America” is set to drop in 2023. But if magical girls are more your thing, an animated film about a superpowered girl group is also in the works. Hey, there’s something for any Hallyu stan.

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