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Harry Styles’ acting era continues… as Thanos’ hot brother in the MCU?

Harry Styles’ acting era continues… as Thanos’ hot brother in the MCU?

Ah, Harry Styles: former bias of some Directioners, full-time G-rated king, and now… close kin of Thanos from Marvel?

After the premiere of the Chloé Zhao-directed “Eternals,” reports are flooding in that Harry Styles has made a post-credits cameo as Eros, an Eternal and a brother of Avenger villain, Thanos. Eternals are an ancient race tasked with shielding Earth from creatures called the Deviants, and just like his brother Thanos, Eros is born a Titan who’s super strong and can easily manipulate people’s emotions. 

But if Thanos is obsessed with power, Eros—you guessed it—is a bit on the lusty side. While dubbed as a “womanizer” with a long list of ex-lovers, Eros didn’t necessarily get the evil gene, since he has fought against his brother under the alias “Starfox.” 

No word yet on a confirmation from Mr. Styles’ side, or if he’ll have a starring role on any of Marvel’s upcoming slate of films. For now, all we have to do is wait till “Eternals” hits our shores, and squint at a potential Harry Styles in the wild.

(P.S.: Harry, if you’re reading this, Lorde still wants to collab with you.)

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Art by Yel Sayo, Eros photo from Marvel Comics, Harry Styles photo from Getty Images



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