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4 best fashion moments of 2021, according to the Scout team

4 best fashion moments of 2021, according to the Scout team

This time last year, fashion was limited to the four walls of our rooms. While there have been attempts made to serve looks in personal spaces, red carpets and events opening up overseas had famous folks making up for lost time. And among that fold of attendees are those who, in 2021 terms, understood the assignment and aced the test.

Aside from runways and photocalls, our faves and biases have made a mark on the style scene in other areas. For this edition of Scout Recap, we peek at this year’s fashion moments that had us doing double takes.

Zendaya on the red carpet

Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis / Getty Images

Steve Granitz / Getty Images

“If ‘dressed to kill’ were personified, it’d be Zendaya strutting down red carpets with a grade of 10/10. Whether it’s the Balmain sculpted gown that made her look like an animated Renaissance marble statue, or the Valentino web dress apt for the ‘Spider-Man’ premiere, Zendaya works a theme like it’s her masterclass.”

— Kat, junior content creator

BTS’ “Butter” MV ’fits

Still from the official “Butter” music video – HYBE LABELS

“The MV for Bangtan’s summer smash hit ‘Butter’ doubled as a fashion show, thanks to breathtaking tracksuits with oversized chains and killer blazers that shone even in monochrome lenses. The members’ individuality came through later on when they donned all things leather, glam, and—I’m talking about their hair color—gorgeous.”

— Jelou, associate editor and brand engagement lead

Doja Cat at the VMAs

Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images

Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images

“In 2021, Doja snatched our attention with ‘Planet Her’-esque fashion choices. She sported five different outfits while hosting the VMAs, with the Vivienne Westwood chair hat as one of the highlights. One of the few artists who can mix fashion with camp, she is a certified main pop girl of this generation.”

— Yel, designer

Key’s retro looks for “Bad Love”

Still from official “Bad Love” music video – SMTown

“Shinee’s Key gave retro fashion a refresh in his album ‘Bad Love.’ With David Bowie as his inspo, he put his own twist on jumpsuits using various colors and fabrics. One of the standouts was a red co-ord with sharp shoulders, drawcords, a boned high waist, and matching Jordans.”

— Niña, copy editor

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Art by Yel Sayo

Photos from (L-R) Key photo from “Bad Love” music video, Zendaya photo by Alessandra Benedetti – Corbis / Getty Images, Doja Cat photo by Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images, and BTS photo from HYBE Labels


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