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Where to get Zild’s ‘Huminga,’ Balcony Entertainment’s first CD drop

Where to get Zild’s ‘Huminga,’ Balcony Entertainment’s first CD drop

Zild fans, how are you holding up? It’s been almost a year since “Huminga” dropped, but the album is proving to be the gift that keeps on giving as a CD release is officially OTW.

Released on streaming services in April last year, the musician’s sophomore album will make its way to physical collections with its disc version. “Huminga” marks the first CD release of Filipino record label Balcony Entertainment, alongside independent record shop The Grey Market Records.


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Aside from the CD containing all 10 tracks, the release includes a 26-page booklet designed by Daniel Aguilar, filled with photography by Shaira Luna and illustrations by Sean Eloid Dominguez. 

Zild’s “Huminga” CD is priced at P650. To cop a copy in advance, interested folks will have to drop a line at The Grey Market Records’ DM boxes through their social media channels. One catch is that the CD will be released in limited quantities, so expect orders to be on a “first come, first served” basis.

But if you need us to jog your memory—or if you just wanna look back at its chef’s-kiss-worthy brilliance—head on over here to read our track-by-track review of “Huminga.” We’re sending you tissues in spirit. 

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Photo of Zild by Shaira Luna
CD photo courtesy of The Grey Market Records’ Instagram



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